Binance holds internship program to train future blockchain leaders

Binance, a player in the Web3 industry, has unveiled its inaugural summer internship program, aimed at nurturing talent and fostering innovation. This 10-week program provides participants with hands-on experience and training alongside the brightest minds in the world’s largest crypto organization.

The summer internship program offers interns the opportunity to gain cross-functional expertise by rotating across various teams, including Marketing, Customer Service, and Binance Academy. 

“Our Advanced Management Program is a unique, thoughtfully crafted initiative aimed at discovering outstanding young individuals who have a passion for web3 and equipping them with vital skills and experiences to thrive in this fast-paced sector,” Yi He, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Binance, said in a statement.

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Interns will benefit from mentorship by experienced project leads, who will offer guidance and support throughout the program. They will also have networking opportunities with Binance executives, managers, project leads, and industry professionals. Towards the end of the program, participants will present a final project to top executives, maximizing their learning and growth during the experience.

Advanced Management Program

The Advanced Management Program (AMP) features training and development elements such as Communications with Impact, Culture Intelligence, and Effective Feedback, empowering participants to enhance their personal and professional skills.

Successful completion of the program may lead to permanent employment at Binance or acceptance into the Graduate Leadership Program in 2024, offering interns a pathway to a rewarding career within the organization.

The program received an overwhelming response, with over 8,000 applications from across the globe, spanning Europe to Asia. Following a rigorous selection process involving interviews, tests, and group case study assessments, 23 candidates were carefully chosen to participate in the program. These individuals have showcased exceptional skills and potential, positioning them to benefit from the program’s advanced management curriculum.

Binance interns

One intern, Markus Bergvinson, a student at Rotman Commerce, University of Toronto, shared his motivation for applying.

“I was inspired to apply for this internship not only because of Binance’s reputation as a leading global cryptocurrency exchange but also by CZ’s leadership in revolutionizing the workplace to create a high-efficiency environment,” Bergvinson said. “I was also motivated by how this internship presents the chance to gain real-world experience alongside experts in a dynamic and rapidly growing industry by contributing to Binance’s innovative strategies.”

Kartavaya Bhargava, a student at the American University of Sharjah, expressed enthusiasm for blockchain technology and its potential impact.

“I am driven by the belief that blockchain technology could be one of the major contributors to the next industrial revolution, and I am eager to contribute to that,” Bhargava said.

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