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PLDT Home powers up the home with an all-in-one fiber plan

Indulge in the ultimate convenience of a broadband plan that offers unlimited access to the internet, Pay TV, and mobile services, all within the comfort of your home with the new PLDT Home Fiber Unli All Plan.

This comprehensive package includes unlimited fiber internet, a wide range of entertainment content from Cignal TV, and unlimited calls to PLDT, Smart, and TNT.

Whether you want to stream your favorite videos, TV series, and movies, the new Fiber Unli All plans deliver what the whole family wants with the fast broadband internet and a wide range of entertainment options on premium Pay TV. With the Philippines’ largest Pay TV provider Cignal, the new Fiber Unli All plans also give families a wide selection of high-definition channels and content ranging from sports, kids, and documentaries.

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The Fiber Unli All plans are perfect for the whole family as it also comes with a health pass from mWell, a fully integrated health and wellness app. The mWell health pass comes with consultation session, Emergency Quick Response by Lifeline, e-prescription, e-medical certificate, e-lab request, fitness and nutrition programs, and wellness recipe library at no cost. 

Make the most of your digital lifestyles by getting a broadband plan that gives you the best value for your money! Subscribe or upgrade now to the new PLDT Home Fiber Unli All plan and enjoy having it all at home. To find out more, visit this link.