BlackBerry rolls out updates to ‘SecuSUITE for Government’

BlackBerry Limited announced recently new enhancements and feature updates to SecuSUITE for Government and BlackBerry AtHoc that enable government agencies to securely communicate and safeguard sensitive data.

Government agencies that engage in highly confidential mobile conversations or deliver real-time critical information during times of crisis will benefit the most in the new updates.

SecuSUITE for Government 4.0 was recently awarded updated NIAP Certification and listed as a Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) compliant product to meet the highest security requirements. The BlackBerry AtHoc crisis communication system has expanded to include a new solution called AtHoc Situation Response, which organizations can use to plan and securely orchestrate the entire incident response lifecycle.

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“We have a long history of supporting the public sector with secure and innovative solutions. BlackBerry is trusted by seven of the G7 and 16 of the G20 governments, and more than 70 percent of US Federal government personnel are protected by BlackBerry AtHoc,” said David Wiseman, vice president, Secure Communications at BlackBerry. “In today’s environment where threats – cyber, physical, or biologic – can compromise public safety, citizen privacy and national security, government agencies need solutions they trust implicitly.”

National security

SecuSUITE for Government protects governments against threats to local and national security by enabling secure voice and messaging communication on standard iOS and AndroidTM devices. Mobile calls are strongly encrypted, and user identities are continuously authenticated to combat the interception of sensitive communications.

SecuSUITE for Government 4.0 includes extensive new features and capabilities, such as the addition of new secure group messaging, enhanced voice quality for crystal clear sound, and enhanced interoperability with PBX systems for more secured connectivity to enterprise telephony.

It also utilizes the CNSA (Commercial National Security Algorithm Suite) for protecting up to and including Top Secret classified data transmission while supporting compliance with Federal and Presidential Records Acts. In addition to on-premise deployments, it is available as a FedRAMP High, Impact Level 4, Software as a Service (SaaS) in the Azure Government cloud through our partner CACI, Inc.

Crisis communications

BlackBerry AtHoc is a networked crisis communication system trusted by over 2,000 organizations globally to unify their crisis communications. It delivers comprehensive protection for personnel and provides leaders with the information they need to make critical safety decisions.

The latest addition to BlackBerry AtHoc is AtHoc Situation Response, a centralized crisis management tool to coordinate the entire incident response lifecycle. Before a crisis, an organization can use BlackBerry AtHoc Situation Response to create plans, assign reviewers to plans and send a plan through the review process.

During a crisis, emergency managers can create an incident report based on the previously reviewed plan. They can also adjust a plan during an incident to respond to events as they occur. AtHoc Situation Response also allows crisis managers to use real-time, encrypted chats with the agencies they need to accelerate the emergency response.

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