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Boomi accelerates cloud-first strategies with new multi-cloud capabilities

Boomi, a Dell Technologies business and provider of cloud-based integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), released the enhancements to Flow, its low-code workflow automation service, with support for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments to enable cloud agility with built-in protection for sensitive data.

With these new enhancements to Flow, businesses can increase the value of customer, employee, and partner relationships by delivering trusted engagement, fast.

As digital transformation continues to accelerate, organizations are under increasing pressure to engage with many personas across a range of locations and devices. Trusted user engagement activates interest, invites customer loyalty, and harmonizes workflows — making it the differentiating capability that will make or break relationships between people and digital business. With Boomi Flow, businesses can deliver trusted user engagement that meets customers where they are, with support for multi-cloud architecture across application and workflow components.

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“The industry has been clamoring for a multi-cloud solution that can create integrated experiences and enable digital engagement with audiences in a seamless way,” said Ed Macosky, head of product at Boomi. “With Flow, organizations can seamlessly deploy and automate workflows and applications across diverse environments in ways that best fit their architectures. The net result is the ability to personalize the customer journey for different personas, creating unique avenues of interaction that build up brand loyalty.”

Boomi Flow enables businesses to accelerate cloud-first strategies without introducing risk. Organizations can run Boomi Flow applications in any cloud, including hybrid, multi-cloud, and on-premises deployments. Architected for easy synchronization and a minimal on-premises footprint to avoid future migration challenges, Flow supports data control and security with deployment flexibility and the ability to run apps from private clouds while leveraging the design convenience of a cloud-native workspace.

Data movement

Flow empowers customers to streamline operations with one-touch deployment, better control of data movement, and enhanced governance of sensitive data. This means Flow enables the creation of custom workflows and applications while complying with regulatory mandates and corporate policies around data protection. Customers who use Flow to build user engagement can take advantage of the benefits of multi-cloud deployment agility while keeping the Flow runtime and associated data within their private boundary, assuring the protection of sensitive data with improved management.

“With constant change impacting industries in Southeast Asia, enterprises have emphasized that accelerating digitalization and transitioning more applications and systems to the cloud are crucial to business continuity and driving rapid growth. Simultaneously, our customers in the region are also concerned with addressing flexibility issues amid shifting customer needs and protecting sensitive data,” said Lawrence Ng, general manager, Southeast Asia at Boomi. “Flow Multicloud affords organizations the flexibility to deploy apps and workflows to any cloud or on-premises technology make-up, ensure those companies adhere to regulatory and data protection requirements, and create integrated experiences for customers, employees and partners.”