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Boomi unveils hyperautomation vision to enable unique integrated experiences

Intelligent connectivity and automation firm Boomi underscored the need for connectivity and automation to enable integrated experiences during its annual digital user event. A global survey conducted by Vanson Bourne and commissioned by Boomi saw that 55% of organizations are struggling to modernize, transform, and innovate quickly enough.

“Integrated experiences are truly connected and engaging experiences that empower organizations to drive strategic advantage, customer loyalty, and satisfaction,” said Chris McNabb, CEO, Boomi, during his keynote. “They are only achievable through an organization’s ability to instantly connect everyone to everything, anywhere. Yet, integration remains one of the direst challenges IT leaders face today in their cloud strategies.”

According to Boomi, it has connected more than 189,000 unique endpoints to date and has over 18,000 customers processing more than 4.8 billion integrations every month on its revolutionary Boomi AtomSphere Platform.

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Study shows Boomi AtomSphere reduces integration development by 65%

According to industry analyst firm Gartner, organizations need to be nimble, flexible, and opportunistic as they evolve and adapt to changing economic, social, market, regulatory, and technology disruption drivers. As a result, organizations are focused on automating as many processes as possible … fueling the increase of hyperautomation initiatives. Gartner estimates that more than 56% of organizations have an average of four or more concurrent hyperautomation initiatives underway, and leading companies have over 10. Unfortunately, the IT function has been unable to fulfill all the demand for speed, efficacy, and digital business.

“As organizations continue to gain speed in their collective race to modernize and deliver seamless integrated experiences, the need to connect vast amounts of data, applications, people, and things has never been greater,” McNabb said. “Boomi solves some of today’s most important business issues and is revolutionizing how organizations speed integrations, break down data silos, automate workflows, and connect everyone to everything, anywhere. Hyperautomation is the next step in that evolution, and we’re innovating now, so organizations can innovate for tomorrow.”

The components of hyperautomation go beyond traditional workflow automation to include artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), structured process orchestration, automation through business rules, event-driven automation, the core components of integration platform as a service (iPaaS), robotic process automation (RPA), and more.

Boomi also announced new product and service offerings that will enable its hyperautomation vision:

  • New Boomi Event Streams: Digital transformation solves immediate challenges and positions organizations for the future. However, it brings an enormous increase in systems and devices needing integration — and the information flowing between them. To further enable organizations toward faster and easier integrations, Boomi will be offering a new, embedded event-driven architecture (EDA) service — Boomi Event Streams. This new service fully integrates event-based data to bring breakthrough speed, flexibility, and scalability to any hybrid IT environment, regardless of complexity — enabling customers to build and scale in minutes versus days.
  • New Discover Catalog: With a library of solutions that install directly into an organization’s Boomi platform account, Boomi Discover solutions offer quick and easy ways to start leveraging The Boomi AtomSphere Platform and get a jumpstart on innovation. With a focus on optimizing the user experience, Boomi has simplified the ability to automatically set up connections with ready-made solutions that can be used as-is or tailored for any use case.