Globe Business emphasizes the role of digitalization in effective HR management

The HR Club Philippines recently held “HR Technology Fair,” a virtual roadshow guiding business and human resource practitioners through their digital transformation journey. In the seminar, Globe Business underscored the importance of leveraging various digital tools and platforms to enhance employee services and create an empowered and resilient workforce.

As the agile work setting continues to be the norm, transitioning to online cashless transactions is crucial to ensure that businesses are able to continuously meet their obligations to their employees.

Anna Maria Bautista, manager, Business Development and industry head of Mynt, Globe’s fintech company, shared that integrating GCash into accounting and HR operations can help businesses streamline their salary disbursement process, ensuring employees get their pay conveniently, safely, and on time.

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Through GCash’s Powerpay Plus Platform, companies can enjoy a fast, secure, and easily accessible digital payroll solution for salaries, allowances, incentives, and more. In addition, the innovative solution boasts real-time, scheduled, and recurring disbursements, depending on the urgency of the request. For extra precautions, businesses may also opt to add some steps which require some additional approvals from assigned company reps who are asked to go onto the platform and sign off on the payouts. 

“As the number one finance app in the Philippines with over 43 million users, GCash offers seamless digital financial services that are designed to help uplift the lives of our customers,” Bautista said.

Globe Cloud Solutions 

Digital Automation is essential to all companies, whether operating remotely or on-site. For the many micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) who struggle to keep up with new tech, Globe Cloud Solutions can deliver great value by building a secure, robust, and efficient digital system that can support employees’ productivity without breaking the bank.

Globe Cloud Solutions allow enterprises to navigate the ever-changing business landscape, enabling them to quickly adapt to shifting workflows while ensuring operational stability, continuity, and resiliency. Unlike traditional, on-premise servers, Cloud Solutions uses the latest technology to secure workloads against threats. And companies need not worry about spending a lot on hardware and maintenance costs, because with Cloud Solutions, businesses need only pay for what has been used.

“Digitalization will improve your company’s ability to adapt to different situations while catering to your customers’ evolving needs. It will also increase efficiency and enhance your processes to improve both employee and customer engagement,” said Timothy Genato, Business Development manager, Globe Business.

The last session tackled the importance of information assets, of upholding the Data Privacy Act, and how businesses can protect themselves using cybersecurity tools.

Globe Business has been an active partner of HR Club PH since 2020, supporting its mission to build a network of HR professionals who are dedicated to improving the methods, techniques, and practices of Human Resources.

“With Globe Business as our partner, we know we have access to the expertise and resources we need around how technology can advance our Human Resource Management profession and service,” said Mark So, HR club Philippines Co-founder.