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Globe Business designs made-for-business digital solutions for SMEs

Globe Business, the enterprise and SME solutions arm of Globe, has built made-for-business digital solutions that would enable micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to better manage their supply chain.

Retailers who partner with Globe Business can gain access to Amber, a web-based platform that allows them to send SMS broadcasts to lists of targeted recipients. This makes automated text campaigns easy and quicbk to mobilize and helps them reach more customers and engage with more clients. Globe Business can also help retailers set up e-commerce websites with business-grade web design and development, dedicated site management and support, and the analytics and consultations that come with their managed website service.

Manufacturers will also benefit from various Globe Business products such as Konsulta MD, which lets manufacturers provide their staff with access to healthcare services like telemedicine, e-Prescription, e-Laboratory requests, and e-Medical certificates, all at a more affordable cost to the business versus thru in-house clinic or health cards. Another Globe Business product is Cloud Payroll which helps manufacturers easily manage employee information, automate their payroll and reporting, efficiently keep time and attendance, and administer benefits and reports.

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Manufacturers are also sure to appreciate Globe Business’ managed CCTV, which provides them with real-time monitoring of their business premises. With worry-free set-up and maintenance of industrial-grade video surveillance equipment, they also get access to Globe’s vast network of reliable system integrators or partners with 24/7 support.

Globe Business also offers the Vehicle Tracker, a tracking and delivery monitoring solution that allows logistics providers to accurately view vehicle status and location with the aid of the Google Maps platform. This secures goods, deters pilferage/hijacks, and maximizes manpower with efficient daily scheduling.

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