Bringing the gift of health and wellness with technology

Katherine Alejar could not just settle for a job that pays the bills that she set up her own company and expanded the services it offers to include health and wellness leveraging technological innovations.

A marketing executive who founded i3 Inc., Alejar had experience in media various media outfits in the Philippines. However, she counts her stint at cable music video channel TV as an important phase of her corporate career because it provided her with insights of the international market. 

“I did not plan to become an entrepreneur because I wanted to make it big in the corporate world,” Alejar said. 

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Alejar, who holds a Humanities degree from the De La Salle University, wore different hats as consultant for a creative agency and mobile advertising head of a major telecommunications company here in the Philippines. None of this met her expectations, not only in terms of salary but also in career fulfillment.

Combining her work experiences, Alejar established i3 Inc., a marketing communications firm. Since 2014, the company is the marketing communications agency in-charge of Visa’s point of sale marketing requirements.

Realizing the need to further raise people’s awareness on health and wellness, Alejar introduced the Vital Dome, French advanced infratherapy ecosystem that uses far infrared to regenerate the body from within.

“Health issues are one of the most common problems I’ve seen with my peers,” she said. “A lot of women tend to neglect welnnes and, I believe that, it’s going to be a problem sooner or later.”

Even at a young age, Alejar knows how to take care of her self not only to look good outside but also to feel good inside.

Katherine Alejar, CEO and chief innovator, i3 Inc.

Boost energy

Her research led her to Vital Dome, which is said to help boost one’s energy in a healthy and non-toxic manner and thus improve one’s productivity and vitality. 

“It’s not just a machine for beauty and, in the post-pandemic scenario, it’s timely because this is exactly what we need,” Alejar said. “After living under the specter of COVID-19, we need to think of ways to live healthier lives. The Vital Dome is one such way.” 

The FIRs (far infrared rays)  generated by the carbon panels within the Vital Dome help reduce internal inflammation, a necessary factor for managing chronic pain, mitigating the impact of aging on one’s joints and muscles, and rehabilitating those recovering from injuries or the wear and tear of repetitive movement. 

Its benefits extend toward healthy weight management, body shaping, and even dermatology as FIRs kick-start the regenerative process at the skin’s cellular level, leading to a fresher, more elastic, and younger appearance. 

The Vital Dome is currently available at the Aivee Clinic, the Avignon Clinic, The Farm at San Benito, Peak Form,  at the Well-Balanced Chiropractic Wellness Center and in Mindanao, at the CDO Pearl Body Touch Facial Center.

Factory of Vital Dome in the historical place of Normandy, France

Coping with a crisis 

The COVID-19 pandemic spared no one as Vital Dome, according to Alejar, hit the absolute zero.

But she saw opportunity instead of a hurdle. She become a distributor of testing kits partnering with a doctor and a team of nurses to perform on-site tests. Likewise, she found temporary occupations for her own team of drivers in food delivery to help them support their families. Alejar also became active in an international business organization (BNI). She began offering partnerships with clinics and wellness centers to retain brand visibility, something that allowed her to continue ordering from her principal in France and retain her position as the device’s exclusive distributor. 

She introduced Bring Home a Dome campaign that would allow clients to install Vital Dome in their homes so that they could share its benefits with family and friends.

Beyond the Dome

While i3 Inc. is the exclusive Philippine distributor of the Vital Dome, it is not the only wellness solution it offers.

Alejar recently introduced Oligocheck, a non-invasive diagnostic device that does real-time analysis if one has been exposed to heavy metals and other environmental contaminants that are detrimental to one’s health. Also, the device uses algorithms to check for any deficiencies or systemic excesses in terms of minerals and trace elements, as well as any adverse aspects in one’s physiology. As a diagnostic device for medical professionals, it delivers valuable information regarding the causes of aging and chronic illness.

i3 is also the exclusive distributor of Rejucream, a solution that women in their perimenopausal and menopausal years will gladly welcome as it relieves discomfort in the female intimate areas by relieving vaginal atrophy, a key source of stress and physical pain for women in their 40s and 50s.

The Oligocheck is available at The Farm at San Benito and JLopez Medical Clinic. Rejucream, on the other hand, may be purchased sans prescription at the Vital Dome website, as well as the partner gynecological and dermatological clinics of i3, Inc.

She will soon launch new health and beauty products to the Philippine market.

This entrepreneur is setting her sights overseas, bringing the gift of health and wellness to those who need it the most. In fact, i3 Inc.  is also now the exclusive distributor of Vital Dome in Singapore, Maldives and South Korea.

“My vision is to have satellite offices in other countries and cutting-edge products and solutions in the beauty and wellness industry. I also hope to be able to help others by generating valuable employment,” is Alejar’s reply when asked where she sees herself in the coming years.  “I likewise want to strengthen the marketing communications business side of i3 Inc.” 

As for those thinking of going into business for themselves, Alejar said that they should go for it, especially now that the gender barriers that have kept women on the sidelines of progress have begun to disappear. But, of course, one has to be ready — physically and mentally — before taking on the task of setting up shop.

She recommends getting a good business coach or mentor to set them on the right path, and to keep good company with those worthy of being emulated and listened to. Likewise, she also suggests staying humble and willing to share knowledge with others seeking their own paths to success.