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Brother shares why it is best to always use genuine printer inks, toners

Electronics company Brother advises printer owners to always use genuine ink products because using counterfeit may damage the device.

Brother also noted that it may be tempting to go for unbranded products, in this case, printer ink because it is cheaper than the original. But the cost of damage using unsuitable products could be more damaging to the pockets compared to the cost saved from buying fake.

With this premise, Brother Philippines shares a few reasons why users shouldn’t turn to fake products:

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Non-genuine ink can corrode ink tubes in the machine
Using non-genuine ink will corrode ink tubes in the printer because they have different ingredients and chemicals as genuine inks, and they can damage the ink tubes, cause leakage, and affect printing quality.

Non-genuine toners damage printer machinery
Like non-genuine ink cartridges, counterfeit toners use ground toner particles that end up wearing down the printer’s parts and, eventually, damaging them which means users will have to spend more on repairs.

Counterfeit products void the printer’s warranty
The worst risk of using non-genuine products is that they automatically void the printer’s warranty. Not only will users have to spend on printer repairs, but they will likely have to spend more than expected because repairs are no longer covered by warranty.

Even if users didn’t intend to buy non-genuine products, they might accidentally buy a product that looks genuine. That’s why they should always buy from authorized dealers.

Brother Philippines is a sales subsidiary of the Brother Group, a Japanese electronics and electrical equipment company.

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