Bug hits 14M Facebook users

The already troubled — and beaten up — social networking site Facebook once again fell victim to a bug compromising the privacy of its 14 million users. What users thought was a private post turned out to be public when the bug “tweaked” the privacy settings.

On Thursday, Facebook alerted the affected users to check and manually change their post settings, which can be manually customized. The company asked users to review their posts and change the status settings based on their preference.

Facebook introduced the customized audience settings a few years ago, where they can manually choose the people they want to share their posts. They also have an option to share it with certain people. If they choose certain names on their friends’ list, the setting applies to subsequent posts.

Unsuspecting users who were confident that their choice settings were in place actually shared their posts “to everyone.”

The assured users that posts, before they discovered the bug, were not affected.

This happened after the company, which had been facing criticisms amid the Cambridge Analytica scandal, promised the public that it would tighten data security. The (US) Federal Trade Commission early this year confirmed that it is investigating the social network.

Facebook’s data privacy problem is piling up and some users and companies have taken down their pages and accounts in protest and fear of data breaches in the future.

The company had advised users that the bug has already been fixed and promised to alert users that might have been affected via a notification in News Feed.

Checking the privacy settings is easy. Visit the Settings page, clicked on Privacy, and look for Who can see your future posts? It can also be done manually on the blank post box. Just click the Audience icon and select to whom do you want to share your posts.