Businesses urged to upgrade to Windows 10 to avoid security threats

Microsoft has announced that it will cease to support Windows 7 by January 2020. It means that the networks and systems still running in the decade-old operating system will no longer receive any updates.

“Without these updates, computers and networks will become more vulnerable to cyber threats than before,” said Juan Chua, president of WordText Systems Inc. (WSI), an IT e-commerce site for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). “If you don’t upgrade, you’re exposing your company to all sorts of vulnerabilities. Also, companies will not be able to fix if the OS breaks down.”

The cost of not upgrading and exposing company data is unimaginable compared to upgrading the OS which would cost to a few thousand pesos for Windows 10 Pro.

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Chua also encourages businesses to use licensed software and OS. In the 2018 poll by BSA | The Software Alliance, about 64% of corporations in the Philippines use pirated software.

“Together with Microsoft, WordText is constantly educating the market of the importance of using legitimate software,” Chua said.

He also emphasized the work developers put into their work to provide reliable software to consumers and piracy, in blatant terms, is theft.

The cost of the upgrade depends on the two versions of the latest Windows OS. Customers can purchase the Home and Pro version from WSI and can be sent electronically and instantaneously. Those bought online are a few thousand cheaper than those bought in retail stores.

For enterprises to get full service and security, WSI, authorized Microsoft distributor, and its partners are urging companies and enterprises to consider upgrading their hardware, upgrading to Windows 10 Pro, and subscribing to the latest Microsoft Office solutions through its IT e-commerce site WESELLIT.

WESELLIT offers Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) and license subscription online. The site carries the latest HP computer products that will enable SMBs to upgrade to the latest Windows 10 Operating System and Microsoft Office licenses. As a certified
and accredited e-marketplace for Microsoft products, WESELLIT guarantees business users that all products purchased through the site are genuine and authentic.