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Bux launches universal QR payment option for partner merchants

Bux’s 100,000 partner merchants can now accept QR payments adding more cashless payment options to consumers. Bux universal QR payments hope to encourage more people to opt for cashless transactions pushing financial technology and financial inclusion forward.

Bux is UBX’s embeddable end-to-end payment platform, that aims to empower businesses of different sizes to leverage technology. UBX is the technology innovation and investment arm of the Union Bank of the Philippines.

With a universal QR code that is digital, printable, and customizable, Bux provides its merchants a significant advantage — a much easier way for customers to pay digitally, even in physical locations, by just using the camera of a customer’s mobile phone.

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Customers can either scan the code from a mobile device, click on the code, or copy the unique QR code provided, then they will be directed to the merchant’s online checkout. From a single, universal QR code and checkout, customers can access all payment options and channels available in Bux, including over 50,000 over-the-counter locations, e-wallets, online banking, debit and credit cards.


Bux merchants have their own customizable and universally accessible checkout site. Merchants can customize the checkout experience with their brand and business name. They can add their own messaging; minimize errors through pre-populated amount selection, let their customers input their desired amount, or have both the option and let their customers decide. They can also add custom fields where they can optionally ask for additional customer information, or if they want to track what attributes of the products being purchased — a very helpful feature for those in the fashion, food, and beverages industries. They can also include links to their social media sites and website. 

Bux merchants can also say goodbye to the hassle of generating hundreds of payment links as they can download a printable version of the Bux QR code that they can use for their brick-and-mortar businesses, or publish a digital version of it on their website and social media accounts. 

Bux QR code payments open up opportunities to businesses outside of e-commerce. Fundraisers and those who are planning to launch a donation drive can utilize Bux QR links to collect donations through Bux’s payment methods. This will be made even easier with the upcoming launch of UBX’s digital donations platform: QShare. Bux is committed to reimagining the payment landscape for Filipino businesses, making it simpler and easier for businesses to collect payments.