CCP game development projects recognized overseas

Two projects under the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Innovation and Game Development Grant Program have been named finalists at the Malaysia Digital Economy Corp. (MDEC)’s Level Up KL: SEA Game Awards 2023 and Kre8tif! Conference.

“Galà” is an indie game developed by Kendikorp, offering players an immersive journey through iconic Philippine landscapes. Its unique gameplay and artistic design have garnered international attention. “Galà” is a finalist for the Level Up KL: SEA Game Awards 2023.

“Bulusan Nan si Agingay” is a frame-by-frame paper cut-out stop-motion animation that beautifully narrates the legends of Bulusan and Agingay, drawn from the rich folklore of Sorsogon. This captivating work embodies the cultural tapestry of the Philippines and is nominated for the SEA Kre8tif! Awards.

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The MDEC events served as platforms for showcasing and celebrating the talents and innovations of individuals and organizations in the digital economy sector.

The Kre8tif! Conference and Level Up KL: SEA Game Awards are renowned for bringing together industry experts, innovators, and creative minds from across the globe. These events provide a unique platform for networking, idea exchange, and global exposure.

CCP Grantees

In addition to CCP’s grantees, three more Filipino projects have achieved recognition as finalists: “” by Kooapps Philippines, “RiBeat!” by Sweet Banana, and “Nenita the Witch” by Ateneo de Naga University students Angel Clarisse C. Nate and Elliah Krista Cahilig.

“CCP sees the value these digital innovation projects hold and the promise of nurturing what’s ours,” said Nikki Junia, president of CCP. “I’ve seen that the content is rich in Filipino traditions, culture, values, and stories, and I really think it deserves the attention and support of the rest of the world.”

CCP continues to ask for support from government entities, private companies, and individuals for funding in promoting local talent and upholding the Philippines’ rich cultural heritage and game development prowess.