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How to use the latest trends to develop mobile games?

Finding an idea for a game can be a tiresome and daunting task for game developers. An idea is everything around which the game revolves. Coming up with a unique idea about a mobile game that isn’t already available in the market is hard and even after coming up with an idea, you are not certain whether the game will be a success or not.

One of the ways to look for ideas for a mobile game is through social media. On social platforms, we are seeing new trends emerging every day, and using those trends to develop a mobile game can work in your favor. Today, we will be discussing with you how you can use the latest trends for game development:

Finding the trends

The first step is finding different trends and everyone has this question in their minds where can they find trends? Well, on the internet you can search for trends anywhere, whether it is on YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, or Google Trends. You can look for trends anywhere on the internet but the aforementioned platforms are the most reliable ones and these platforms have trends that you can trust.

You can watch trending videos of challenges, games, funny, and viral videos on several platforms that will give you an idea of the latest trends.

Next, you need to specify your target audience, and which age group you are targeting. A trend meant for kids won’t work for an adult audience. Similarly, a game like Solitaire that is intended for adults and older citizens won’t go well with the kids.

After all of this, you should focus particularly on TikTok as it is a platform where new trends appear almost every day, and exploring TikTok for a while will give you a lot of information about the popular trends on the internet. On the Discover page of TikTok, you can find a lot of trending videos. You can also check out the comments under posts to have an idea of what the people love and what they are interested in.

Assembling a team

The next step is assembling a team. Depending on the game idea, game type, and strategy, the number of people in the game development may vary but you should try to assemble a team of skilled and talented individuals who hold expertise in their field.

Nowadays, games are becoming complex and require multiple developers working on the same project, unlike the olden times when one developer could easily develop a game like Klondike Solitaire without the help of other developers. Having a large team is generally beneficial because you can divide the whole team into micro teams and assign different tasks. One of the teams would be handling graphics, the other team handling mechanisms, and another one analyzing and testing the game for bugs.

Once you have assembled a team of skilled developers, the next thing that you will have to do is hold important weekly discussions to discuss the progress of your current projects and the popular projects & what made them popular. Also, you shouldn’t undermine the suggestions from other team members and consider every suggestion importantly as every member of the team has his own experience and vision which could help make the project even better.

Developing the game

The last step is actually developing the game based on a trend and there are several things that you will have to consider. You will have to ensure that the game mechanics are connected to the game and are deep enough so that the players aren’t bored. The whole gaming experience should be immersive enough to ensure user retention.

You will also have to keep the development speed in mind and it is very important. You are not alone, there are other developers too who will notice the trend and start to work on a similar project, and who knows that they might finish their project earlier than yours. Also, the trend might finish before you complete your project. So developing your project at a fast pace is very important.

In addition to everything else, you shouldn’t forget to be creative. Some trends last longer, others obsolete very quickly. Therefore, you should develop a creative and unique game that the users will love to play even after the trend becomes obsolete.

This is how you can use the latest trends for game development. During all of this, don’t forget to keep an eye on the market and your competitors.

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