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Important skills you need to become a good backend developer

Backend developers are the backbone of all development projects. It is their job to write backend codes and maintain everything in the backend. Every website, program, or application that you use, the backend developers are responsible that the functions are being performed smoothly as intended by the user.

Backend development is a trending and sought-after job in the software development industry, however, becoming a backend developer isn’t easy. It requires you to have the required skills and understanding of basic internet functions, how it works, how it connects with the servers, etc. You also need to have a vast knowledge of backend programming languages and operating systems in order to be a good backend developer. We are going to discuss some of the skills that you will need to become a successful backend developer:

Backend programming languages

In the field of software development, programming languages are a base for everything. To become a backend developer, you will need to have strong command over different back-end programming languages so that you can create a solid frame and connect it to servers. The front-end functions of any program like Word Unscrambler will give the desired output only if you have mastered backend programming languages and are able to integrate them properly.

There are various backend programming languages that are used for various purposes but the top three include Java, PHP, and Python. Whether you want to learn other languages or not, these three languages are very important if you want to become a good backend developer. Whichever backend job you apply for, you will be assessed for these three programming languages and it is better if you master at least one of these languages.

Familiarity with front end

After backend programming languages, you should also be familiar with front-end programming languages and how frontend works. It is not compulsory that you master frontend programming languages but you should have some basic knowledge and learning of the popular frontend programming languages such as HTML, Javascript, CSS, etc. As a backend developer, you will not be restricted to backend programming languages but you will also need to use frontend programming languages here and there as they are a pillar for writing codes. Therefore, having basic knowledge of frontend technology is also very important.

Knowledge of backend frameworks

After programming languages, you need to have knowledge of backend frameworks. A backend frame is a library of server-side languages and tools that helps to build the architecture of a website or a program. There are various backend frameworks available including the popular ones like NodeJs, ExpressJs, Django, Laravel, etc. Each framework is compatible with a different language and has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should select the framework that best suits your needs and is compatible with the language that you have learned.

Familiarity with version control systems

To become a successful backend developer, you should also be familiar with version control systems or source control systems that track changes made in the code from time to time. A version control system tracks modifications of codes in the database and allows developers to revert back to a previous version in case they make a mistake. The population version control system for the backend includes GitHub, AWS Code Commit, and GitLab.

Knowledge of database

Backend developers must also be familiar with databases and have good command over databases. The storage of code is very important because it contains a large amount of information and as a backend developer, you must have knowledge about various databases and good command over the database that you are using. There are various databases available in MySQL, SQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc that the developers use to handle Database Management Systems.

Knowledge of APIs

Backend developers should also have the knowledge of the Application Programming Interface or API that is responsible for establishing connections between different applications. Programs like the Scrabble Word Finder or the websites that you use on the internet establish a connection with other services or resources via a backend API. Backend developers must be familiar with APIs and how to properly integrate them. Popular APIs include GSON, SOAP, JSON, etc.

Server handling

Lastly, backend developers should also know about server handling. Backend developers are responsible for everything happening in the background including handling the server. All the information and files are stored on a server that handles and processes the user requests. There are different tools used for server handling like Docker, Kubernetes, etc that a backend developer must be familiar with.

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