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Checkmarx launches global managed security service provider program

Software firm Checkmarx has recently introduced its Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) program. The company is a developer-centric application security testing (AST) solutions firm

“The launch of our MSSP Program is a milestone in the Checkmarx journey and a natural extension of our commitment to global excellence in application security enablement,” said Emmanuel Benzaquen, CEO, Checkmarx. “Our MSSP partners will bolster their service offerings, combining the industry’s most comprehensive application security platform with the strong relationships and expertise of their own teams in a way that benefits organizations everywhere.”

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Partnering with Checkmarx offers MSSP partners:

  • The market-leading, cloud-based application security platform, Checkmarx One, enables partners to work with multiple engines within a single, streamlined platform
  • Opportunities to grow revenue by selling high-value application security services with predictable costs
  • A purchasing model that affords the opportunity to scale managed security offerings in a cost-effective manner, reducing cost and increasing average revenue per customer
  • Expert Checkmarx resources to help MSSPs develop and refine their propositions, tailoring these to their specific customer needs
  • Ability to deploy whenever needed with various options, beginning with Checkmarx AWS Cloud.

“Checkmarx is fortunate to work with industry-leading MSSP partners worldwide,” said Mark Osmond, VP of Worldwide Channels and Alliances, Checkmarx. “We are deeply committed to the needs of our customers and partners. This program launches a new chapter in the ability of those partners to deliver dramatically improved and simplified application security, cost savings and rapid return on investment for their clients.”

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