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Cisco launches Webex hologram, new app features to address hybrid work challenges

Cisco’s WebexOne previewed the Webex Hologram, which is a real-time meeting solution leveraging augmented reality (AR). The hologram uses immersive 3D technology and AR (augmented reality) headsets such as Magic Leap and Microsoft HoloLens.

While Cisco is exploring use cases for the Webex Hologram, it has made it available to select enterprise customers in a pilot program. It supports multi-dimensional experience for multiple users allowing them to “convene” during a meeting or conference as if it was a face-to-face discussion.

that enables remote participation from multiple users. Each user simultaneously receives a multi-dimensional experience, as opposed to other offerings that limit usage to single angle views.

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Since the pandemic, Cisco has been beefing up its Webex offerings with acquisitions of companies that can further enhance its visual and audio features.

“Technology has many powers, and the greatest of all is its ability to connect people and level the playing field for so many across the globe,” said Jeetu Patel, EVP and GM, Cisco Security and Collaboration. “Our new Webex innovations mark a significant step forward in helping our customers unlock the potential of their hybrid workforces enabling them to collaborate in new ways and drive inclusive experience.”

Hybrid work setup

Cisco has launched more than 1,000 Webex innovations in the last 12 months. The latest innovations are geared toward the hybrid workforce.

One of the most popular features of Webex is its background noise cancellation. Cisco enhanced its audio intelligence with artificial intelligence that optimize its voice feature. Speaker selectivity now differentiates intended speech from background noise to remove distracting sounds.

The New to People Focus camera capabilities, available in December, will provide better clarity and optimized visuals of in-room attendees’ facial gestures and body language. Webex device camera intelligence enhancements in early 2022 are expected to further improve the view of people in meeting rooms, including showing conference room participants in individual boxes onscreen, regardless of meeting service.

The asynchronous communication aims to minimize meetings that are often the cause of burnout among employees. Asynchronous communication like Vidcast allow the workforce to record, watch, comment and react at their own pace. Vidcast’s beta is now open to the public at and is projected to be integrated in the Webex App in Spring 2022.


The new Webex Desk Mini enables workers to easily create a workspace anywhere. It features a 15.6-inch interactive 1080p display, 64-degree HD camera, full-range speaker and background noise removal mic array. And for the first time, Cisco is offering multiple color options (First Light, Carbon Black, or Woodland Green, Nordic Blue, and Desert Sand Limited Editions) for the Webex Desk Mini and 24-inch Webex Desk.

Webex Whiteboarding enables users to create, find, edit and share whiteboards with anybody, including people outside of the organization, using any device mobile, tablet, laptop, or any touch-enabled Webex devices, including the new Webex Board Pro. The Webex Board Pro features integrated video conferencing, dual 4K cameras, directional audio, two active styluses and a choice of a 55- or 75-inch responsive display.

Webex Events offers the ability for hosts of multi-language meetings or events to schedule an unlimited amount of language channels with multiple interpreters. Participants can select their preferred language once they join.