Cisco research highlights gap in companies’ AI preparedness


  • Urgency: 61% believe a year or less remains before their organization faces significant negative impacts without an AI strategy.
  • Strategy: Encouragingly, 77% of organizations fall under Pacesetters or Chasers, showcasing a proactive approach to AI strategy development.
  • Infrastructure: Despite awareness of increased AI workloads, only 35% of Filipino organizations consider their infrastructure highly scalable, emphasizing the pressing need for enhanced capabilities to accommodate AI demands.
  • Data: The weakest link in readiness, with 77% reporting siloed or fragmented data, impeding the seamless integration essential for AI applications.
  • Talent: While efforts to upskill employees in AI-related skills are underway, there’s a concern about a potential talent gap hindering successful implementation.
  • Governance: 68% lack comprehensive AI policies, a crucial area requiring attention to address risks concerning data privacy, compliance, fairness, and transparency.
  • Culture: The lowest preparedness is observed here, primarily due to inadequate change management plans. However, the motivation to prioritize AI adoption remains high.