Cisco to acquire wireless solutions firm Fluidmesh Networks

Global technology company Cisco intends to strengthen its industrial Internet of Things (IoT) segment with the possible acquisition of wireless backhaul systems Fluidmesh Networks (Fluidmesh). By using Fluidmesh’s products, Cisco will be able to support the growing demand for on-the-move mission-critical assets and applications.

The technology leader announced the Fluidmesh team will join Cisco’s IoT business.

“Cisco provides one of the most secure and reliable networking technologies on the market today,” said Liz Centoni, senior vice president and general manager for Cloud, Compute, and IoT businesses.

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Fluidmesh’s solutions are known for their easy and quick deployment and configuration. Its customers use the wireless technology solutions in rail, mining, ports, and public transit.

Industrial wireless deployments

Cisco has been expanding its industrial wireless offerings to industries with on-the-move assets and applications. Fluidmesh is delivering wireless solutions in the transport industry especially in the high-speed rail and mass transit or large-scale distributed sites like ports and urban areas.

Fluidmesh’s capabilities will allow Cisco to scale the IoT business and speed up industrial wireless deployments.

“With wireless technology playing a greater role in every organization’s multi-access IoT strategy, reliable wireless connectivity is paramount to organizations operating Industrial IoT environments, whether that’s manufacturing, mining, rail, or ports, where wireless technology automates operations to improve safety and lower costs,” Centoni said. “The acquisition of Fluidmesh strengthens Cisco’s offerings in this space with leading technology that’s designed to provide zero loss of data transfer at speeds in excess of 300 Km/h.”

The acquisition of Fluidmesh is expected to close in the fourth quarter of Cisco’s fiscal year 2020.

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