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Conference to discuss how consumer insights can keep businesses afloat post-COVID

As brands and businesses worldwide navigate uncertainties and scramble to recover from the impact of COVID-19, creative and non-traditional business approaches have been highlighted as the key to keeping businesses afloat.

“The ability and skill to harness the power of consumer insights and research to create meaningful and relevant brands are essential to successfully pivot in the so-called new normal. We believe insights are key for solving issues, keeping businesses afloat, and building meaningful brands or companies,” said Germaine Reyes, president and CEO of Synergy Market Research + Strategic Consultancy.

After two successive years of being touted as “The Learning Event of the Year,” Synergy’s flagship conference, “Consumer Insighting & Storytelling WebConference,” returns this year as a virtual webinar with the theme “Flash Forward.” The conference, co-presented by Tarkie, takes place on Nov. 18-20 and will assemble a wide range of experts from the Philippines and abroad.

Consumer insights, coupled with creativity and the resolve to think possibilities are key to unlock the potential solutions to get through and flash forward to the next and future normal. “It is an important time in history for this,” said Reyes.

Keynote speaker, Illac Diaz, founder of MyShelter Foundation, will provide living proof that possibilities thinking is key to looking for ‘white spaces’ instead of just focusing on “the dot” and discovering alternative paths to problem-solving.

YouGov CEO, Stephan Shakespeare, will provide his thoughts on cube-thinking and continuous data streaming, to obtain insights and unlock business opportunities.  Analytics and other quantitative approaches for business opportunities-learning, innovations and more, will be the conference’s Day 2 focus.

Learn about companies that have continued to sail through this pandemic, and get inspired by their innovative efforts to hurdle business issues.

Develop the skill to spot clues from the past and interpret present trends to inform decisions about the future. Talks from Digimind, a global social media monitoring and competitive intelligence company, will unpack the future home segment and needs discovered from social media and the online sphere while a study from Havas-Ortega, a fully integrated media and creative agency, is expected to highlight the role of sustainability in meaningful consumption.

To cap the three-day event, a sneak peek into Henry Mason’s still-to-be-launched book titled “The Future Normal: Creating a Fairer, Healthier and Greener Future” will be shared during the webconference. Mason, the managing director of TrendWatching, was the opening keynote speaker of last year’s Consumer Insighting and Storytelling Conference—The Next Frontier, Consumer Insighting for Trends and Innovation.”

“This conference is a must for brand and marketing professionals, decision-makers, entrepreneurs, start-up companies, C-level executives, content and digital managers, advertising and research practitioners, strategists and planners, thought leaders or those who want to successfully pivot while this pandemic is upon us all,“ Reyes said.

To register, visit Consumer Insighting.