Tomasz Borowski, Group COO, TonikMovements

Consumer finance veteran joins Tonik’s 
management team as Group COO

Tonik has hired Tomasz Borowski to join the leadership team as group chief Operations Officer (COO). With 20 years of experience in consumer finance, primarily focused on building efficient operations, Borowski will be responsible for expanding the business operations of the digital bank.

As a Group COO, Tomasz will be based in Singapore and employed by Tonik’s holding company Tonik Financial Pte Ltd, while working closely with the Operations team of Tonik Digital Bank Inc., Tonik’s regulated bank subsidiary in the Philippines.

“Tomasz is a seasoned global leader in the consumer banking and fintech industry, especially in scaling up new businesses in emerging markets,” said Greg Krasnov, founder and CEO of Tonik. “Having worked with him previously in different ventures, over the years, I am convinced that his arrival comes at the perfect time as we gear up for increasing our operational efficiency in the latter half of 2022.”

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Prior to joining Tonik, Borowski was the co-founder and CEO of Asian fintech credit management leader FLOW. He was instrumental in overseeing FLOW’s rollout across three markets in Southeast Asia, as well as its achievement of profitability prior to Series B, the first such feat by any fintech in the region. With operations in Vietnam, Indonesia, and India, FLOW has redefined debt collection in the region by leveraging (artificial intelligence) AI technologies, ethical practices, and data-driven insights.

Before coming to Asia to build FLOW, Borowski gained experience in Consumer Finance across Emerging Europe, at market-leading institutions such as GE Capital, Raifessen Bank, and Platinum Bank. His knowledge of world-class standards and technologies in achieving high levels of efficiency in consumer finance will help Tonik bring its operational excellence to a new level.

“Tonik’s game-changing entry marked a shift toward digital banking as the easier, faster, and the preferred way forward in driving financial inclusion in the Philippines,” Borowski said. “As a seed-stage angel investor in Tonik, I have followed its journey very closely, and believe that my expertise comes at the right moment to help Tonik scale. It is also a perfect time for me to make a transition to a non-executive role at FLOW, which has recently achieved profitability and is now ready to move forward under new daily leadership. I am excited to be a part of Tonik’s trailblazing journey, applying the best operational practices from all over the world as we continue to revolutionize the way money works across the region.”