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Tonik boosts API security with Noname Security solution

Noname Security, a proactive API (application programming interface) security platform, has been chosen by Tonik, a neobank based in the Philippines, to help safeguard a critical component of its digital platform as it seeks to address new retail lending opportunities in Southeast Asia (SEA).

Citing a report by research firm Gartner, Noname said APIs will be the top attack vector for web applications in 2022. To address this, the Noname API Security Platform provides Tonik with the means to validate the health of the APIs it uses. The neobank can now have a complete, real-time inventory and monitor active APIs efficiently as well as discover and analyze legacy and dormant APIs. The platform also enables the bank to actively test APIs before production so that it can identify potential flaws in its software development lifecycle.

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API is a connection between computers or between computer programs. It is a type of software interface, offers a service to other pieces of software.


“We chose the Noname API Security Platform after a proof-of-value test and we are happy that it meets our expectations of a top-notch API security solution,” said Arivuvel Ramu, group chief technology officer of Tonik. “It is a priority for us to ensure that APIs deliver the performance and security required for compliance as well as a great digital experience for consumers.”

Noname Security was also chosen for its ease of use, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) licensing model, non-intrusiveness, and the ability to integrate with the bank’s back-end workflow solution.

“With automated and dynamic tests built into API development, enterprises like Tonik can more effectively resolve any security issues before they take root,” said PK Lim, Vice President Sales Asia Pacific at Noname Security.