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Converge taps Epsilon to expand network services with peering solution

Fiber broadband provider Converge ICT Solutions Inc. (Converge) partnered with interconnectivity provider Epsilon Telecommunications (Epsilon) to enhance its network infrastructure and services to expand its peering footprint through internet exchanges (IXs).

Converge is extending IX Express Service (IXES) to its enterprise customers. Epsilon is already providing Converge with access to its ecosystem of global internet exchanges, which helped boost the company’s connectivity infrastructure and services.

“Our partnership with Epsilon will not only help us extend our global reach but also assist us in optimizing our enterprise customer’s user experience with committed data bandwidth, flexibility, and scalability,” said Jesus Romero, COO, Converge ICT Solutions Inc. “With Remote Peering, we can seamlessly connect them closer to the location where the content is shared and consumed, which leads to new opportunities for customers and their businesses.”

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Epsilon is part of the South Korean telecommunications company KT Corp.

Converge attributes its improved network connectivity and reachability to the peering with top global providers to obtain the best routes for providing low-latency internet services. With its multiple and strategic international points of presence, the company is able to establish multiple interconnections and peerings, including the well-known Hurricane Electric (HE), allowing its customers to access thousands of networks with the lowest possible latency.

With over 5 Tbps of international capacity, Converge established an uncontended, non-blocking network that is also highly resilient through the use of multiple trans-Asia and trans-Pacific cable systems.

Remote Peering solution

Recognizing the increasing consumption and demanding needs of its enterprise customers, Converge selected Epsilon’s Remote Peering solution, which will allow customers to take advantage of the company’s domestic and international resources, getting both technical and commercial benefits by having their own International Private Line (IPL) capacity and international Point of Presence (POP) to be able to connect directly to well-known internet exchange providers around the world without heavy hardware and extra network cost.

Converge will facilitate access to IXs like DE-CIX in Frankfurt, Germany, and AMS-IX in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, using Epsilon’s Network as a Service (NaaS) platform, Infiny. With Infiny, the company’s customers will have the advantage of having a single platform with four powerful solutions: data center interconnection, access to internet exchanges, direct cloud connect, and global inbound numbers. Epsilon’s MEF-certified network spans more than 280 data centers around the world and with customizable bandwidth levels. 

“Using our Remote Peering solution, Converge can access and resell a comprehensive ecosystem of IXs, including DE-CIX and AMS-IX, to its customers with a reliable, scalable, and flexible infrastructure,” said Michel Robert, CEO at Epsilon Telecommunications. “Through Infiny, businesses can interconnect directly to this ecosystem using a private and high-performance connection. Converge and its clients can instantly flex bandwidth on demand and pay only for the connectivity they use.”