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Couchbase now supports Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

Couchbase Inc., provider of modern database for enterprise applications, recently announced Couchbase Server and Sync Gateway support for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, a hyper-converged infrastructure product that extends Azure services and capabilities to customers’ datacenters, edge locations, and remote offices.

The new Couchbase and Azure Stack HCI integration enables customers to take advantage of high availability and resilient storage for their applications at an affordable price, both for familiar business-critical applications and for new edge workloads built on containers.

“Couchbase is excited to enhance its position as an award-winning modern database for enterprise applications by making its Server and Sync Gateway products available on Microsoft Azure Stack HCI,” said Matt McDonough, SVP of business development and strategy, Couchbase. “Our customers have come to expect a differentiated cloud-to-edge experience with reliability, scalability, and speed. The Couchbase and Azure Stack HCI integrated solution is yet another way we are accelerating modern applications for customers across industries.”

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Through the combination of Couchbase and Azure Stack HCI, customers can take advantage of the following strategic use cases:

Remote or branch office and edge
Building on some of Couchbase’s leading use cases like field service, internet of things data management, and catalog and inventory management, this Stack HCI use case meets the requirements for retail stores, branch offices, field sites, and other edge locations. Couchbase customers rely on the ability to store, query, search and analyze their data in the cloud or at the edge, irrespective of internet connectivity and speed. Now, Couchbase Server and Sync Gateway deployments will utilize fault tolerance and resilience at the edge in a highly cost-effective way with Azure Stack HCI.

Tightly integrated Kubernetes
Couchbase workloads that run on containers and Kubernetes provide a cloud-native data platform with autonomous database management capabilities. With Couchbase’s Autonomous Operator already certified for Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Stack HCI is an ideal solution for deploying Couchbase Kubernetes-based workloads within on-premises environments to meet network or regulatory goals from an edge remote site or the datacenter. Also, Azure Kubernetes Service on Azure Stack HCI (AKS-HCI) lets joint customers automate running containerized applications on clusters that use Azure Stack HCI. By automating much of the work involved with deploying and managing multiple containers, customers gain improved time to value and a highly scalable, reliable, and secure solution on which to run traditional and containerized workloads.

“With the availability of the Couchbase Server and Sync Gateway on Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, Couchbase and Microsoft customers get access to a modern, cloud-native, distributed database that fuses the strengths of relational databases such as SQL and ACID transactions with the JSON flexibility and scale that defines NoSQL, both in Azure and at the edge,” said Talal Alqinawi, senior director, Azure Marketing, Microsoft.

Couchbase is now a member of the Azure Stack Partner Program, which has the goal of creating, nurturing, and growing a strong partner ecosystem across the Azure Stack family. The program enables joint customer business continuity by ensuring that Couchbase remains compatible with the latest version of the Azure Stack family.