Cybersecurity will be center of digital operations — AWS

Investments in cybersecurity are expected to increase and this is no longer about solutions and products but also about skills diversity. Cloud computing platform Amazon Web Services (AWS) believes that cybersecurity will be the cornerstone of digital initiatives of businesses and governments.

“Security is also as much about soft skills as the specialized technical skills typically associated with the field,” said Phil Rodrigues, head of Security Asia Pacific & Japan at AWS.

According to AWS, organizations can look beyond the cyber threats and data breaches and focus on cultivating a diverse workforce in the field that will prepare them to address cyber attacks.

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“There was a global shortage of 3.4 million cybersecurity practitioners in 2022,” Rodgrigues said. “While the number of security threats continues to increase, we can be better prepared to address them by training today’s workforce in soft skills, cloud computing and security awareness.”


With a skilled talent pool, organizations can easily prioritize embedding cybersecurity postures into the business — and not only IT — infrastructure.

“Cybersecurity has always been a priority for some organizations but as security and risk management leaders handle the recovery and renewal phases from the past two years, we will see this focus expand,” Rodgrigues said. “Cybersecurity is likely to become a top priority for all organizations operating in the digital economy.”

AWS also predicts that “organizations will shift to continuous automated cybersecurity.” And this is how cybersecurity will become the foundation of business operations. Investments on periodic threat detection and regular patching will be diverted to automation technology to ensure immediate detection and response to any possible threat. Automation will enable organizations to innovate and scale safely.

Quantum computing

“Automation is rapidly emerging as essential to effective cybersecurity practices,” Rodriguez said. “Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) approaches will extend this, adding a critical layer of automation to cybersecurity in cloud environments. Cloud-based AI/ML offers predictive capabilities derived from collected information that can play a significant role in making cybersecurity more proactive by identifying outliers and offering recommendations about how to address vulnerabilities.”

AWS also sees quantum computing playing a critical role in strengthening cybersecurity. Organizations can leverage quantum computing in developing encryption algorithms and processes.

While multi-factor authentication (MFA) will become the norm, future MFA approaches will move towards biometric and multimodal forms of authentication.