Data, automation, AI shape business operations in 2025

Data is the backbone of solutions and innovations in the coming years as emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) define the new normal, not only in the industry but also in everyday life. This is basically what computer technology corporation Oracle sees in its latest cloud predictions released recently.

Oracle’s latest predictions aim to provide organizations a picture of “how enterprise clouds are evolving and how they will look by 2025.”

According to Oracle, AI — and other new technologies — will be fully embedded in many enterprise applications. While many fear that automation would endanger jobs, the prediction sees otherwise. The company said that as organizations adopt automation, manpower will be diverted into other areas like human resources and sales, making interaction more personal than before.

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New skill sets would be needed and data scientists will be in high demand to complement the efficiency of “AI-driven data gathering and analytics techniques.” These data, now one of the most valuable business assets, are more vulnerable than before. Leveraging the same technology that would drive growth, cybercriminals will use AI to attack networks.

Supply chains will find more use cases for other technologies like blockchain, augmented reality, machine learning, and virtual reality, among others.

Business impact

People will be more appreciative of the most valuable resources — data — and Oracle sees that by the time, organizations may have completed their digital transformation and migrated their systems to the cloud. Solutions such as data management and visualization technologies will allow users to become data literate as the image of data will also evolve. “This means that almost everyone in an organization will start to gain predictive insight, helping them gain a better understanding of their operations, employees, markets, and customers.”

“It will be machine vs machine”

AI and security

According to security company McAfee’s 2019 Cloud Security report, by the year 2025, “80% of security attacks will come from an inside source.”

Oracle said “it will be machine vs machine” as organizations will use the same technology in order to mitigate attacks. AI, by then, should be a commonplace tool that will provide “new approaches to monitoring the threats of external attackers. It will also help across the increasing levels of hybrid and multi-cloud reliance given that organizations will continue to keep one foot in the on-prem world while shifting most of their data into the cloud.”

The company advises organizational leaders to be constantly updated on “advanced security capabilities at every layer of their business and IT infrastructure.”

Automation and manpower

Fears of unemployment brought about by automation have been going around for years. Oracle sees that AI will play a role in recruitment for jobs that will emerge as a result of business landscape evolution. The same is expected in the field of sales where companies will leverage AI on large datasets analysis.

New human skills will be needed and there will be a demand for employee upskilling evolving at the same time as the technologies. New roles will be added or replaced in the organizational structure and it will be centered around “agility and flexibility.”

Technology is aimed at making life much easier than before not only for businesses but for most especially for the end-users. As more enterprises decide to go with the flow of the industry, businesses will make their economic impact felt in their own locations.

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