"Phoenix: Eden 17" premieres on Disney+ on Sept. 13Streaming

Disney+ reveals cast of anime ‘Phoenix: Eden 17’

Disney+ is set to premiere the anime adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s legendary story “Phoenix: Nostalgia” on Sept. 13. The video streaming platform has just announced the cast for the anime “Phoenix: Eden 17” led by Rie Miyazawa as Romi.

Other casts include Yosuke Kubozuka (Sin Clock, Long Love Letter) as George; Honoka Yoshida (Dai Byoin Senkyo) as Com, and Issey Oagata (Picu, Ishiko, and Haneo: You’re Suing Me?) as Zudarban, a space merchant. 

Tezuka is highly regarded as the “God of Manga” for his incredible stories. His most popular story that captured the world is “Astroboy.” It took seven years for the anime “Phoenix: Eden 17” to be completed.

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“Phoenix: Eden 17” is directed by director Shojiro Nishimi  (Tekkonkinkreet, Mutafukaz), produced by STUDIO4℃, and features the character design by chief animation director Tatsuzou Nishita. Art direction is by Shinji Kimura with music from popular composer Takatsugu Muramatsu. 

Tezuka’s seminal series will take viewers on an extraterrestrial adventure with Romi and her partner George as they flee Earth for a new start on Eden17. While the promise of a utopia-like future beckons, reality hits hard when the pair arrive on the new planet to discover nothing more than a desolate frontier incapable of supporting human life. Trapped with few options, Romi enters her malfunctioning hibernation pod only to awaken 1,300 years later in a city built by her son Cain’s descendants. Treated like a queen by Eden17’s inhabitants but desperately alone, Romi resolves to return to Earth to find solace among the stars.