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EasyCall achieves 400% revenue growth 

EasyCall Communications Philippines (ECP) has reported consolidated revenues of P433.70 million, which is almost 400% higher than the previous year’s P86.78 million. 

According to ECP, the growth was primarily driven by the strong performance of IT company TESI, which it acquired last year, as well as increased demand for satellite connectivity and managed connectivity services.

ECP also reported a consolidated net income after tax of P35.25 million for the year, a growth of over 93% compared to the previous year’s P18.18 million.

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ECP continues its digital transformation initiatives and expands its service offerings, as evidenced by its acquisition of tech company TESI last year. 

The ECP Group offers a comprehensive suite of services and solutions in the tech space, including satellite connectivity, cloud-based solutions, data analytics, cybersecurity, software development, IT outsourcing, enterprise solutions, and productivity-enhancing business solutions.