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Eaton brings 5A Advantage Series UPS to PH

The latest addition to power management company Eaton’s uninterruptible power supply (UPS) portfolio aims to cater to individuals as well as small offices. The 5A Advantage Series UPS offers affordable and line-interactive technology. 

Eaton guarantees users a seamless power backup experience, featuring a cold start capability that enables devices to be powered directly from the UPS. The 5A Advantage Series provides essential features such as surge protection, circuit breaker protection, and automotive voltage regulation (AVR) to ensure the safety of data and equipment. It also offers versatile outlet format integration options (DIN, NEMA universal, Universal) while maintaining a compact form factor.

“Consumers in the region are increasingly investing in products aimed at enhancing productivity and elevating their overall quality of life,” said Jimmy Yam, vice president, East Asia at Eaton. “We are confident that the 5A Advantage Series UPS will meet this growing demand.”

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Eaton is also collaborating with Innovista to introduce contemporary and cost-effective power management solutions to both small business owners and households across the Philippines.

“Eaton leverages its decades of expertise in UPS technology to meet the growing market need for dependable power supply and protection,” said Howard Kung, country manager for the Philippines at Eaton. “This is especially crucial for small businesses and individuals who heavily rely on technology for remote work or leisure at home. Eaton empowers the everyday consumer to effectively safeguard against power fluctuations and outages.” 

The 5A UPS Advantage series is currently available with prices starting from P2,199.