Edusuite School Management System

Edusuite’s AI-powered software simplifies school management processes

By using artificial intelligence and data analytics, DOST-funded startup is able to help schools reduce processes significantly. Moving payments online also offered convenience to enrollees and their parents.

While the education sector is designing hybrid learning programs to enable students to continue their studies amid the global health crisis, there are certain aspects of school management that also need to be addressed. One is the enrollment and school administration.

Edusuite is a school management system that utilizes artificial intelligence to help administrators, faculty, and students optimize available resources. Established in 2017, the company’s technology analyzes data that schools can use in their planning and operations.

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“As innovators, we realized that there is a way to make school administration frictionless that would benefit all stakeholders,” said Niel Dagondon, co-founder and president of Edusuite. “There are available technologies that automate tasks and cut transaction time significantly.”

Data analytics

Using data analytics, Edusuite’s solutions enable online enlistment and enrollment, forecast of class demand, and automated scheduling and finance and assessments, among others. The software also allows students to easily pick relevant subjects as availability is reflected in real-time on the school’s portal.

The automated school management system has likewise reduced the processing time of student registration and payments of school fees.

“Customize your process, not the software,” Dagondon said. “You cannot get a software that is going to be 100% fit for your school, so you have to recognize the school’s needs and work around that to find the solutions that fit the system.”


Using an automated school management system has never been more relevant than today when governments imposed movement restrictions to curb the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19, which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide. Now that the educational departments and institutions encourage a hybrid form of learning, the use of automation becomes essential given the situation.

“The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation across all sectors,” Dagondon said. “We believe Edusuite is more than capable of meeting the emerging needs of schools in terms of campus administration. While we are all looking forward to getting back to what normal used to be like, we hope people realize the need to future-proof their systems so we won’t be caught off-guard.”

Other services offered by Edusuite include student information systems, campus and records management, grade and curriculum management, smart student advising, course forecasting, automated class schedule maker, mobile apps, and RFID systems among others.


Edusuite is one of the recipients of the Department of Science and Technology through the Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development’s Startup Grant Program in 2017. It has also secured P12 million (or more than $235,000) in fresh funding from seasoned investors from the Manila Angel Investors Network (MAIN).

Two of Edusuite’s clients Batangas Eastern Colleges (BEC) and Sumulong College of Arts and Sciences, also co-invested.

Edusuite, with headquarters in Alabang, was co-founded by Dagondon (CEO) and Calen Legaspi (CTO). Dagondon is a serial entrepreneur with an exit to his name. Dagondon is one of those responsible for Anino Games, the first local game development in the country, which was later acquired by PlayLab. Legaspi has previously co-founded Orange and Bronze Software Labs, a technology consulting firm.