IBM, SAP to build new data-driven intelligent enterprise solutions

Technology companies IBM and SAP will be developing new products and services to help companies transform into data-driven intelligent enterprises.

SAP’s industry cloud service aims to address market demand for industry-specific innovation, IBM and SAP have started to jointly define and have delivered cloud-based solutions with intelligent end-to-end industry workflows to enable clients to make business decisions based on data-driven insights.

The first offering will focus on lead-to-order and plan-to-manufacture business processes for the industrial machinery and components (IM&C) industry, to help industrial manufacturers reinvent workflow processes to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

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IBM and SAP also teamed up with leading IM&C companies to design and build out future capabilities. As a development partner for the SAP Model Company service, IBM is also working with SAP to develop SAP Model Company service for Telecommunications that will help telecom providers transform their customer-facing and back-office processes — as well as helping to maximize the return of their 5G investments.

Hybrid cloud

To help empower clients with the flexibility to run workloads in the most optimal cloud environment, IBM, Red Hat, and SAP will collaborate to bring managed services from SAP on-premise by validating private deployments of SAP Cloud Platform and related backing services on Red Hat OpenShift. Currently, with select early adopter clients, this solution is planned to enable customers to build side-by-side extensions with the desired security — a critical requirement for customers in regulated industries.

Customer and employee experiences

To help companies increase value from data, IBM and SAP plan to provide technology and services leveraging the SAP Customer Experience portfolio and Experience Management solutions from SAP (Qualtrics) to enable clients to deliver a next-generation omnichannel experience and measure and improve the effectiveness of stakeholder experiences.

This collaboration is designed to help drive customer loyalty, customer and employee engagement, and brand and product quality across multiple industries. IBM plans to incorporate the use of Experience Management solutions from SAP in project delivery as part of IBM’s organizational change management framework to deliver a differentiated and optimized project experience for clients.


IBM and SAP are working together to establish the IBM Accelerated Move Center, a next-generation migration factory designed to further automate and accelerate the journey to the intelligent enterprise and give clients more predictability on their path to SAP S/4HANA. This new offering will be a prepackaged integration approach that utilizes preconfigured baseline industry templates and leverages automation and configuration tools built in conjunction with IBM Research.

These new offerings will be based on SAP’s intelligent suite and SAP’s industry cloud solutions and will enable clients to benefit from SAP and IBM technologies, such as AI, machine learning, automation, and analytics.

These offerings will be built on IBM’s new evolution platform, which provides a single view of IBM solutions, including preconfigured Industry Impact Solutions, and interoperates with SAP’s Business Technology Platform, allowing enterprises to create advanced insights, integrate capabilities and build, extend and enhance SAP applications. This combination aims to help clients more efficiently benefit from SAP’s intelligent suite, migrate to the cloud, transform data into business value, and utilize emerging technologies to support intelligent workflows.

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