Microsoft AI powers software firm’s document digitization services

Systems integrator and application developer Paperless Trail Inc. (PTI) developed industry-leading solutions that effectively move compliance and document management to the digital space. This is in the hopes of helping companies transitioning to the new work remote setup move from paper files to automate file routing instead.

In the last 10 years, many businesses have been using Paperless Trail’s applications Archive One, Activity Factory, and Go Paperless!, which are said to have helped reduce the time spent on doing manual tasks.

PTI is a privately owned IT company founded in 2003. It develops business software focused on the following areas: record-keeping and compliance systems for human resources (HR) and finance; automation software for ISO and other management standards; tax optimization and business mapping; and integration middleware for enterprise systems.

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Paperless Trail’s services are powered by Microsoft Artificial Intelligence (AI) which helps in digitizing thousands of documents daily by extracting text from images and conducting word analysis for contextualizing information.

Archive One

Archive One is a document management software (DMS) that serves as an auditing tool, which classifies, stores, secures and retrieves essential documents. It is particularly helpful in the IT-BPM (Information Technology and Business Process Management) sector, with thousands of personnel that produce and leave a significant amount of data to track.

“HR departments have to track and update employee data to ensure each worker’s records are complete when filing taxes or assisting with health benefits and social security claims,” said Jay Edades, technical director, Paperless Trail Inc. “They also have to provide relevant information to certain clients about employees working on those accounts. With Archive One, we ease the burden of digitization work and fix the method data for each employee in order to make complete reports.”

Archive One has also been used by the financial sector to audit all information related to a particular transaction. For example, if a client spends P100,000, Archive One can give a breakdown of the transaction along with all the related attachments found in the system. This allows for easy tracking of transaction numbers, voucher numbers, and supporting documents to enable the team to account for missing or inaccurate paperwork.

Activity Factory

Paperless Trail also deploys Activity Factory, a workflow software that eliminates paper forms and the manual conduct of routing and approvals. It utilizes a checklist system that breaks down the workflow of business-wide operations into concrete steps. Files can be attached to each step in the workflow to signal compliance, and the platform only clears the team to advance once each checkpoint is fulfilled by the designated employee.

Through these checkpoints, businesses can audit themselves by having the software ensure that the paperwork is complete for each juncture in the process. Since it follows a workflow that assigns steps to certain people, it immediately determines where the bottlenecks are in the system and therefore promotes accountability in the organization.

Go Paperless!

Complementing the two applications is Go Paperless!, the scanning service brand of Paperless Trail that has become the go-to solution of many businesses of all sizes in the Philippines. It has scanned over 250 million pages to date and offers image conversion to searchable text through indexing for easier information retrieval.

Go Paperless! enables the digital storage of business records and addresses the challenge of storing and retrieving paper-based documents. This, according to Edades, supports companies in going digital as part of their long-term strategy. “Once your records are digitized, you only need the press of a button to access everything you need to run your business. It frees up physical space and gives nearly real-time access to any document that you need,” Edades adds.