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Enstack launches free webstore for SMEs

Enstack, an all-in-one app catering to small and medium enterprises (SME), is offering a new sales channel to merchants in a bid to expand their customer reach online. All verified Enstack merchants will have a free, ready-to-use Web Store with integrated payment options including COD and shipping.

This rounds off Enstack’s sales channels as merchants can now sell online via Web Store and Chat Store and offline via its Cashier miniapp. Merchants can fulfill orders on the super app’s “All Orders” page while inventory is synced in real-time.

Enstack allows small and medium businesses to take their first leap towards digitization by letting them manage orders, track inventory, get paid, ship packages, and record daily business transactions on their mobile phones.

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Enstack simplifies small business operations

“At Enstack, finding the right digital tools can be difficult for any business,” said Macy Castillo, managing director of Enstack. “Frequent and regular dialogues with our SME community allow us to add and improve features to our simple but powerful app that helps solve unique problems faced by small businesses. Our no-code, ready-to-use Web Store fits very well with our overall mission of serving our merchants so they can become fully digital and see their businesses take off.”

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Enstack’s free Web Store does not require any coding skills and integrates all Enstack tools and services such as payments and logistics, reducing barriers MSMEs face when starting an ecommerce business. As soon as merchants upload inventory data, their Web Stores are generated and they can share their personalized URL to customers or social media pages to drive traffic and conversion. Merchants can also turn on “Vacation Mode” if they choose to go offline to optimize or take a break.

Since launching in February, Enstack has helped tens of thousands of underserved MSMEs through its free super app that brings together all the tools they need to run their business from their mobile phones. By transforming offline tasks such as managing orders, invoicing, shipping packages, and tracking businesses’ performance, SMEs can keep up with today’s highly digital business landscape.

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