ePLDT Vitro Cebu 2Media Release

ePLDT launches first disaster recovery facility in Cebu

ePLDT, the information and communications technology (ICT) arm of PLDT Enterprise and a provider of holistic digital business solutions in the Philippines, launched its first disaster recovery (DR) facility in Cebu recently.

Housed in ePLDT’s Vitro Data Center Cebu 2, the disaster recovery facility will enable Cebu-based enterprises in developing their own Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and becoming compliant with global standards. It benefits from all the service level agreements (SLAs) available within the facility which includes physical resiliency and power redundancy, making it an ideal business continuity site for manpower relocation and a backup site for IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster.

A disaster recovery facility serves as a data backup site or alternative office space which companies can use to recover and restore their IT systems or operations in the event of a failure or natural disaster. The site is a crucial component of any company’s BCP and part of standards on operational risk management. Highly regulated industries such as banking and financial institutions are required to abide by a clear and complete BCP to keep their services running.

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The disaster recovery facility will have 100 DR seats available for enterprises. With an area of roughly 250 square meters and has a shared conference room, the Vitro Cebu 2 facility offers both dedicated or shared seat options.

Operational continuity

These features ensure the operational continuity of businesses in the event of power failures, which is further backed by ePLDT’s 24/7 security and customer support. The facility is designed to minimize vibrations on the building where the servers are co-located, therefore ensuring optimum protection of the customers’ equipment.

Vitro Cebu 2 is one of the first three data centers in the Philippines to receive the ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 3 Facilities Certification and is also recognized by NTT Communications as a Nexcenter-accredited facility, complying with the global design standards of the world’s most competitive data centers.

In 2019, ePLDT inaugurated the largest DR site in Central Luzon, the first stand-alone DR with the Vitro Clark DR Site, to service Philippine enterprises. Strategically located beside the Vitro Clark Data Center, the site is the country’s largest facility to date, boasting of an expansive 6909 sqm floor area.