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ePLDT now provides DNS-secure solutions to enterprises

Digital business solutions company ePLDT becomes the first DNSSEC-compliant (Domain Name System Security Extensions) provider of DNS Security in the country by delivering the best-in-class cybersecurity solutions.

“Today’s cybercriminals and the threats they pose are ever growing in size,” says Nerisse Ramos, group senior vice president and chief operating officer of ePLDT. “They have hundreds of ways to compromise DNS servers and it could lead to loss of personal information of users and mission-critical data of companies. We at ePLDT are committed to delivering groundbreaking and innovative digital solutions to our customers while ensuring their security and protection online.”

DNS (domain name system) is the phonebook of the internet, matching the web addresses users type into browsers with an IP address so that they can reach the correct website. This important function of DNS makes it prone to attacks by cybercriminals that could cause a denial of service and redirecting of users to malicious websites.

DNSSEC or DNS Security Extensions provides a level of additional security where the web browser can check to make sure the DNS information is correct and was not modified. The advantage of this solution is that the DNS infrastructure itself is no longer vulnerable to common attacks such as DNS cache poisoning or denial of service.

To create an island of trust that protects end-users and subscribers of the PLDT Group, Smart and Sun Cellular, ePLDT partnered with Secure64 — a leading provider of genuinely secure DNS solutions that are purpose-built to be highly secure, self-protecting, and immune to malware. This initiative will prevent the users from accessing malicious websites and ensure that access to the enterprise websites is legitimate and secure, through the use of a DNS Signer which provides a digital certificate to all enterprise domains that are subscribed and enrolled to ePLDT Secure DNS Infrastructure.

“This newly adopted DNS infrastructure greatly complements our existing Cyber Security portfolio and bolsters ePLDT’s Security Operations Center (SOC) capabilities in monitoring and responding to threat intelligence,” said Angel Redoble, first vice president and chief information security officer of ePLDT Group, PLDT Group, and SMART. “This, in turn, will allow our PLDT and ePLDT Secure DNS Infrastructure subscribers to enjoy a more secure internet experience from end to end.”

“Every day, over 650 million subscribers around the world rely on Secure64 technology to process billions of DNS queries in an exceedingly secure, reliable, and performant manner. We look forward to working with this major strategic partner for us in the APAC region,” said Thad Dupper, CEO of Secure64. “With the selection of Secure64’s carrier-grade, highly reliable, extremely secure, and performant DNS platform, this carrier will now have the security tools in place to aggressively pursue their digital transformation strategy.”

Apart from Cyber Security, ePLDT’s product and service rosters include Cloud, purpose-built Data Center facilities, and Managed IT Services.

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