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EPOS lands in PH bringing premium audio solutions for enterprises

It is nearly two years into the pandemic, working from home, and communicating via video conferencing. It is about time people pay attention to one piece of equipment that can make or break a call: audio equipment.

In the research by audio equipment company EPOS, 95% of today’s workforce admit that their concentration and efficiency at work has suffered due to sonic setbacks, resulting in an emotional impact with 35% reporting feelings of frustration, irritation, and annoyance due to bad audio. Another survey found out that 20% say that bad audio caused dissatisfaction to clients and 15% had even lost a client because of bad audio experiences — creating a direct financial impact.

“Equipped with a deeply rooted passion for auditory experiences, EPOS strongly believe in providing the perfect balance between excellent audio and maximum comfort so that we can deliver state-of-art audio experiences to enable users to reach their goals and perform with greater agility,” said Seah Hong Kiat, VP, EPOS Enterprise Solutions, Asia Pacific.

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EPOS was built as an independent company after Demant A/S and Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG announced the ending of its partnership in 2018. It focuses on the business segments Enterprise Solutions and Gaming headsets.

The headsets come in different series — ADAPT, EXPAND and IMPACT — designed for different work setups.

The ADAPT line is a series of premium headsets for those who want to make flawless business calls from anywhere — from wireless functionality and active noise cancellation (ANC) — these headsets can match users’ needs and the way they like to work. This product line is inspired by professionals who need to collaborate and work from several locations on different devices without ever compromising on style or crystal-clear audio, regardless of environment.

The EXPAND line is a series of premium speaker phones made for collaboration. Thanks to enhanced voice pickup and superior sounds, everyone on the conference call can participate and engage with the same confidence and clarity as if in person.

Lastly, the IMPACT range is perfect for professionals who work in dynamic office spaces and spend long hours talking on the phone. The IMPACT line is created to improve efficiency and deliver excellent customer experience. Every mode is designed to be comfortable to wear, to work flawlessly, and to be fully compatible with other devices and systems.

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