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Experience 10,000 Mbps internet service from PLDT Home

Broadband service PLDT Home will now let subscribers experience 10,000 Mbps internet service with FAST (Fiber Accelerated Speed Tech) Hub.

FAST Hub is a visual representation of everything 10,000 Mbps can offer. Subscribers can experience what it’s like to have a hyper-fast home internet connection across two rooms in the household.

Subscribers can program their smart home to handle complex routines. Make home smarter: control the lights, electronics, security, and all the gadgets using the phone and ultra-fast connection.

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Level up the entertainment and gear up for a totally immersive binge-watching experience at home theater/entertainment system because having ultra-fast speeds means subscribers can watch their favorite shows in 4K and even 8K.

Play stronger and lag-free because with 10,000 Mbps. The Smart Work/Gaming Station enables families to do things better without worrying about heavy bandwidth usage for each device and zero latency. Suit up and set up VR headsets and experience a totally immersive experience like never before.

Work faster and more efficiently through virtual meetings or lectures, while multitasking in a home-based business, or editing, rendering, and uploading the next trending video while beefing up home security devices,

Visit PLDT Home’s Next Upgrade YouTube channel to get you started. Interested to experience the ultra-fast speeds of a 10,000 Mbps connection? Fill out the online form at