Filipinos affected by Facebook security breach ‘yet to be determined,’ says National Privacy Commission

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Many Facebook users in the Philippines have been logged out of their accounts sometime the past week. While unusual, some took it as just another routine account and password checking. It turned out, Facebook was hacked compromising 50 million users and maybe even another 40 million.

Facebook announced in a blog post that security researchers detected a vulnerability in its “View As” feature that lets users see their profile as “Public” or as “Someone else.”

In light of this, the Philippines’ National Privacy Commission through Commissioner Raymund Liboro issued a statement regarding the hack that may have affected users in the country, after receiving a notification from Facebook representatives.

According to the NPC, the company’s representatives said they have not determined how many Filipinos or users in the Philippines were affected by the breach or how many whose data were compromised.

As a result of this, the NPC “has prescribed breach management procedures in place and we expect Facebook to abide by these rules. The NPC shall notify the public about developments and its actions on this matter.”

The commission urges users to enable multi-factor authentication, where users will need a passcode sent through mobile or email to log in to their accounts. This is to ensure that no other individual aside from themselves can log in to their accounts.

The commission also provided a link on how can users protect their online accounts.

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