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Financial transactions made easy with ML Wallet

M Lhuillier, a leading financial services company in the Philippines, beefed up its ML Wallet mobile app to ensure that customers have easy access to its various digital offerings. Currently, the mobile app has over a million downloads.

Initially, M Lhuillier developed ML Wallet to make it easier for customers to do their financial transactions anywhere and anytime. With the hope of providing services to the unbanked, ML Wallet has expanded its services even further by adding wallet-to-wallet QR features, which will be available soon, and leveraging artificial intelligence for identification.

“We believe that services like the ML Wallet app should reach customers across the country,” said Mr. Michael Lhuillier, president and CEO of M Lhuillier Financial Services Inc. “This is just one step into the government’s hope of financial inclusion and we hope that through this app, we can provide financial services to everyone.”

App users have direct access to M Lhuillier’s 3,000 networks of financial services institutions (FSIs), enabling customers to send money who do not have an e-wallet, receive money, pay bills, or purchase items — such as jewelry and pawned items — from ML Shop. 

The ML Wallet app, available for download at the App Store and Google Play, is easy to navigate to ensure a smooth transaction and provide a seamless user experience.


Users can have one personal account and one business account, depending on their requirements. Registering a personal account is a breeze and users are identifiable through a mobile number instead of usernames. 

To comply with government regulations, business accounts would require some documentary requirements.

ML Wallet also made the registration process easier with AI-driven government ID verification. By utilizing AI-driven government ID verification, ML Wallet has eliminated the need for manual verification processes, thereby significantly reducing the registration time.

The AI-based ID verification process implemented by ML Wallet ensures that users’ identities are verified accurately and efficiently, while also maintaining the highest levels of security. This technology allows for quick and seamless authentication of users’ government-issued IDs.

With ML Wallet’s AI-driven government ID verification, users can be confident that their personal information is secure.


With the aim of reaching more Filipinos nationwide, ML Wallet continuously develops new features that cater to every customer’s financial needs. 

App users can easily send money to their loved ones anywhere M Lhuillier services are available. They can also receive money on the app and cash it out from M Lhuillier branches near them, which they can find using the app’s branch locator.

Instead of using a separate app for their financial transactions, the ML Wallet provides a complete transaction history, which was recently upgraded. This enables users to keep their cash flow especially those with business accounts. This would be most useful when paying taxes.

In response to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ (BSP) call for the use of QR codes, as well as providing customers with frictionless services, ML Wallet now enables users to use QR when cashing in or cashing out money.


To ensure security on all accounts, ML Wallet requires a “one-mobile-number-one-account” policy. App users need to merge their accounts, through the “Add Another Account,” into one. If app users forgot either their username or password of the old or another account, they can always use their ML Wallet number, where they will also receive the OTP.

The same process is done for app users who want to modify their account details or personal information.

In the event that the customer wants to change their mobile numbers, they can go to the “Support” section and “Change your Mobile Number.” To ensure that this option is initiated by the ML Wallet customer, a representative will call to ask for more information to prove the account ownership.

ML Wallet requires transaction limits which reset at midnight. However, app users need to take note that the branch-verified Tier has the same transaction limits as the Fully-verified Tier completed online.

M Lhuillier believes that innovation and digitalization make it easier for its customers to have access to digital services available. And by strengthening the ML Wallet app’s security features, relying both on technology and human interaction, the company hopes to onboard all types of customers eventually.