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ML Moves: Worry-free logistics solution for parcel delivery

M Lhuillier, a leading financial services company in the Philippines, has expanded its offerings beyond money transfer by introducing ML Moves, a logistics solution for parcel delivery. 

In 2015, M Lhuillier extended its services to include logistics retailing, positioning itself as an extended business center for third-party logistics partners.

“We recognize that small businesses, as well as their customers, needed a trusted partner that will give them peace of mind while delivering unparalleled customer experience,” said Mr. Michael Lhuillier, president and CEO of M Lhuillier Financial Services Inc. “Our goal is to offer convenient drop-off and pick-up centers catering to both walk-in and e-commerce transactions.” 

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It is important to note that ML Lhuillier, although not a logistics company or cargo forwarder, serves as a trusted drop-off and pick-up center for parcels. The actual delivery services are carried out by three licensed and reputable courier partners: Airspeed and J&T Express for domestic shipments, and DHL Express for international deliveries. These partnerships ensure reliable and efficient transportation of parcels to their respective destinations.

ML Moves’ services offer flexibility to different types of customers.

Walk-in Transactions:

Customers can conveniently drop off parcels and documents at the nearest M Lhuillier branch offering ML Moves services, and ML Moves will take care of the shipping process using its local courier partners, including DHL Express for international destinations.

M Lhuillier has you covered for sending parcels and documents to domestic or international destinations. Simply drop off your items at the nearest M Lhuillier branch offering ML Moves service, and ML Moves will handle the shipping process using its network of local courier partners, along with DHL Express for international shipments.

E-Commerce Solutions:

ML Moves also provides seamless logistics solutions for e-commerce transactions. 

Returns (Shopee):

For approved return/refund requests, customers can drop off the item at any M Lhuillier branch, and the company will handle the return shipment without charging any additional fees.

Branch Pick-up (Lazada):

ML Moves offers customers the option to have their Lazada package delivered to the nearest M Lhuillier branch, providing them with the flexibility to pick it up at their own convenience.

Sellers Drop-off (Lazada & Shopee):

Selected M Lhuillier branches function as drop points for parcels from Lazada and Shopee sellers. These branches serve as collection points, where Lazada and Shopee couriers periodically gather the parcels for further delivery to line-haul carriers.

Branch-to-Branch or Branch-to-Door Deliveries

To send a package using ML Moves, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the nearest M Lhuillier branch that offers ML Moves services.
  2. Present the package to the branch staff for inspection and complete the required form.
  3. Make the necessary payment for the shipment.

Please take note of the following guidelines for package acceptance:

  • Airspeed only accepts packages that fit in their pouches for domestic walk-in transactions.
  • For J&T Express, M Lhuillier accepts boxes (using the customer’s own packaging) weighing up to 50kg or measuring up to 1.5 meters on one side.
  • However, for Shopee Sellers Drop-off, Shopee Returns, Lazada Sellers Drop-off, and Lazada Branch Pick-up, bulky packages up to 20 inches on each side can be accepted.

It’s important to note that ML Moves does not accept packages containing dangerous or illegal goods. For a comprehensive list of prohibited items for shipment, please contact the customer care hotline.

Choose ML Moves for reliable logistics solutions that connect families and ensure the safe and efficient delivery of parcels. Experience the convenience of M Lhuillier’s trusted services today.

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