ML Kwarta Padala provides easy and secure remittance service

M Lhuillier is committed to offering Filipinos a remittance service that is both safe and convenient. With ML Kwarta Padala, a leading remittance service provider, customers can rest assured that their hard-earned money sent to family members or relatives will be received almost instantly and securely.

ML Kwarta Padala has been serving millions of Filipinos for many years now.

“We are driven by a strong desire to deliver service excellence and ensure total customer satisfaction,” said Mr. Michael Lhuillier, president and CEO of M Lhuillier Financial Services Inc. “M Lhuillier continues to strengthen partner networks both domestically and internationally so that we can reach and assist more Filipinos through ML Kwarta Padala.”

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ML Kwarta Padala has made sending and receiving money quick and easy by investing in a highly reliable technology-based system. This enables the company to process remittances almost instantaneously, reaching most parts of the world.

M Lhuillier’s Kwarta Padala has played a crucial role in ensuring that no birthdays go uncelebrated due to a lack of funds or missed tuition payments. This reflects the brand’s promise of efficiency and reliability.

Domestic Remittance

M Lhuillier has expanded its partner network in the Philippines to include 3,000 branches, ensuring that Filipinos can send and receive money anytime and anywhere. The company has partnered with reputable networks such as Expresspay Inc., LBC Express, RuralNet (Cash Co.), and Starpay to make this service even more accessible and convenient than before.

International Remittance

ML Kwarta Padala’s international money remittance service enables customers overseas to claim money in the local currency sent from anywhere in the Philippines. The company has nearly a hundred international remittance partners in key countries and cities around the world.

Likewise, customers abroad can send money through these partner networks to families anywhere in the country. The recipient can choose to receive the money in Philippine pesos or US dollars, depending on the currency set by the sender abroad.

Tracking ML Kwarta Padala transactions

For tracking ML Kwarta Padala transactions, M Lhuillier provides the following numbers to call:

  • 0947-999-0337
  • 0947-999-0522
  • 0947-999-2721
  • 0947-999-2472
  • 0917-871-2973

Customers can also reach out to the company via email at To expedite transactions, customers should have their Tracking Number (KPTN) or Reference Number ready.

ML K Padala Plus Service

Always attentive to customer needs, M Lhuillier also offers additional services, including ML Kwarta Padala Plus Service, in addition to its remittance service. ML Kwarta Padala Plus facilitates non-monetary services, such as sending items or documents. This service is available at any M Lhuillier branch nationwide.

Bills Payment

Customers need not worry about missing bill payments, as M Lhuillier also offers bill payment services. This service covers not only utility bills but also insurance premiums, airline bookings, tuition, loan payments, online purchases, and more. With this service available at all branches, customers can conveniently settle all their bills in one location.

Payment Solutions Service

Corporate customers can leverage M Lhuillier’s Payment Solutions service like a payroll system for sending employee salaries, dealer commissions, and loan proceeds to borrowers. The company has partnered with government agencies like the Department of Agriculture (DA), Department of Labor (DOLE), Social Security System (SSS), and Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to distribute cash assistance to members and beneficiaries.

Recipients can easily claim their money at any ML branch by presenting their KPTN (Kwarta Padala Transaction Number) or Reference Number along with valid identification (ID).

Kwarta Padala to Account Service

ML Kwarta Padala to Account (KP2A) enables customers to deposit money into banks that are members of Instapay and Pesonet. Currently, this service is available for Metrobank, Chinabank, BPI, and Security Bank accounts.

Account to KPadala Service

Account to KPadala (A2KP) complements KP2A, allowing customers to send money from their bank accounts via online or mobile apps, with recipients being able to claim it from any M Lhuillier branch nationwide. Recipients need to present the Reference Number along with a valid ID. This service is available to account holders of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI to CASH), with M Lhuillier planning to extend it to other partners soon.

POS Solutions Service

The Point of Sale (POS) Solutions Service enables customers to withdraw cash from their bank accounts by swiping their ATM, debit, or cash cards on the POS machines available at selected ML branches nationwide. All domestically issued ATM/Debit Cards from any bank are accepted, and withdrawals are in Philippine pesos.

ML ePay Service

ML ePay Service is designed for customers who don’t have credit or debit cards for online purchases. Customers can make payments for items ordered online at any M Lhuillier branch nationwide. This allows merchants to receive payments immediately, expediting order processing.