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FPG Insurance offers product to protect online buyers from fraud, scams

To safeguard Filipino online shoppers, FPG Insurance has created a tailor-made insurance product for a safer shopping experience. MyCyberProtect Mate covers identity theft, cyberbullying, and other applicable online fraud or scams.   

“We’re really customer-centric and what’s key for us is to really adapt and make sure that we’re always relevant in the changing times,” said Sharon Navarro, chief underwriting officer of FPG Insurance.

MyCyberProtect Mate protects online buyers from undelivered goods and losses due to unauthorized transfer of funds (online bank accounts, electronic wallets, or credit and debit cards) through phishing, malware, or electronic fund transfer.

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People insured with MyCyberProtect Mate are given round-the-clock service through a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts to help those experiencing problems with their online transactions. 

FPG Insurance is the first to offer a cybersecurity insurance product in the Philippines, focused on protecting Filipinos with innovative solutions. The company continuously raises awareness of this product, with upcoming partnerships to reach every Filipino, including those in the provinces.