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GCash honors entrepreneurs through excellence awards

To recognize small and medium enterprises that have been utilizing digital solutions as they transform their businesses, mobile wallet GCash established the GCash Digital Excellence Awards.

“GCash’s ultimate goal is to make lives better every day and achieve financial inclusion for all,” said Martha Sazon, president and CEO, GCash. “Over the course of the pandemic, we have witnessed the contributions of our partners from both the public and private sector to uplift the lives of Filipinos, so it is only fitting that we recognize their achievements and unwavering commitment through the GCash Digital Excellence Awards.”

Established in 2021, the GCash Digital Excellence Awards was first initiated to recognize notable institutions in the public sector that have spearheaded financial inclusion and digital innovation in improving public service and access. This year, GCash is extending this honor to innovators in the enterprise and MSME sectors for their steadfast commitment to pioneering advancements and championing inclusivity through key initiatives.

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There will be three main awards for this year’s GCash Digital Excellence Awards. The Industry Pioneer Award recognizes companies who have stood alongside GCash since its inception and continue to spearhead various partnership activities along the way. The Innovation and Growth Award will be presented to organizations that have collaborated with GCash in delivering ground-breaking solutions for the growing number of GCash users. The last of the three main awards, the Transformative Ecosystem Award, will be given to institutions that have embraced the digital lifestyle by fully integrating GCash solutions into their own ecosystem.

Along with the main awards, GCash will also honor organizations that continuously help to promote and build a financially inclusive society through sustainable and impactful efforts catered to various groups in the Philippines.

Through the GCash Digital Excellence Awards and succeeding programs for this year, GCash aims to motivate its partners to continue to innovate their services, and to inspire more institutions to take an active role in making the Philippines a more financially inclusive society. The GCash Digital Excellence Awards will happen on March 31, 2022, through an exclusive online event.