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GCash introduces easier way of borrowing cash with GLoan

To provide more Filipinos with easy access to extra funds, GCash offers GLoan, its cash loan product. This offers a credible and easier alternative to traditional banks and other formal lending agencies without sacrificing their safety. 

GLoan allows eligible GCash users to borrow up to Php125,000 cash sent straight to their GCash wallet, which can be used for multiple purposes, whether for restocking supplies, upgrading equipment, funding rental fees, and even enrolling for a course that will help them upskill. 

While typical traditional bank approvals take multiple days or months, GLoan offers instant approval for eligible users with no additional requirements needed. As GLoan eligibility is predetermined, there is no need for users to disclose their financial situation through income documents and trade references. Loan applications can be accomplished within the app, minimizing the need for face-to-face transactions, filling out application forms, or submitting physical documents.

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Eligible GCash users who wish to avail GLoan can choose their loan amount from Php1,000 to a maximum of P125,000, and receive it straight to their GCash wallet. With competitive interest rates as low as 1.59% per month for 5-24 months, GLoan provides the same credible and secure experience of loaning from banks. 


To be eligible for GLoan, users must have a fully verified GCash profile and must maintain a qualified GScore, which is the app’s trust rating reflecting their GCash activity. Increasing or maintaining one’s GScore can be done by maintaining an active GCash wallet balance, regularly using different GCash services, and paying dues early or on time.

Access GLoan through the GCash dashboard under “Borrow.” Download the GCash app on the App Store or Google Play.

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