GenieTech says businesses need to explore potential of omnichannel

The rise of e-commerce has encouraged growth in retail and opens up more opportunities for businesses whether large, small, or medium organizations. However, not everyone has seen the potential of maximizing the use of the omnichannel platform.

Omnichannel is a multichannel approach that embraces mobility and technology. It hopes to amplify customer experience by having a presence in desktop or mobile devices as well as in brick and mortar store.

This was the highlight of the first Omnichannel Asia Summit Philippines 2019 held in Manila recently.

“Retailers are competing to provide the best customer experience,” said Mahesh Gopinath, CEO at GenieTech Philippines. “Omnichannel solutions are the way to provide customers with a seamless online and offline experience.”

Genie Tech Technologies is an information technology company, which provides world-class business solutions, consulting, and support services to a number of small, mid-sized and large enterprises from various industries in Southeast Asia.

Manesh also said old strategies may be failing to address customer problems because of the changing demands of the market.

“In this country, there is very high accessibility to a mobile device,” said John Boe, senior director on consulting services of Genie Technologies.

He sees that as an opportunity for retailers or etailers to make the best use of the omnichannel approach.

Every business’ hope is that each customer journey will translate into purchases. But it is not only about customer journey, but the use of this approach will also allow companies to gather important data through the multi-channel listing, POS, and inventory management, from each linked device.

With the theme, “Connecting the Customer Journey,” the 1st Omnichannel Asia Summit Philippines 2019 gathered more businesses and professionals for a day of learning with retail and innovation industry experts to share their knowledge and expertise in logistics, supply chain, customer service, data-driven insights, and social media for a complete, hassle-free customer experience.

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