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Global employment platform launches new suite of solutions

Globalization Partners (G-P), a Global Employment Platform, announced the global availability of its latest suite of products including G-P Recruit, G-P Contractor, and G-P API.

“Globalization Partners’ infrastructure comprises a SOC-2 certified full technology stack and in-house HR, tax, and legal resources to support consistent service quality, minimized reliance on third-party ICPs, and data security,” said Jeanine Crane-Thompson, principal research analyst at NelsonHall, HR Technology & Services. “The company’s continued commitment to technology-focused R&D, including (artificial intelligence) AI integration and multicurrency payment options, including cryptocurrency, will attract current clients and prospective buyers.”

Built in-house by a team of engineers and industry experts, together the products are aimed at solving today’s most pressing issues in recruitment: finding and managing remote talent. G-P helps companies mitigate risk and manage compliance, taxes, benefits, and payroll globally without establishing in-country entities or subsidiaries.

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G-P Recruit

Using G-P Recruit means one contract, a simple fee structure, and a partner that is working in the best interests of the customer, rather than needing to find, negotiate and manage multiple unknown recruitment partners. Globalization Partners said it understands international hiring and employment and G-P Recruit provides a technology-enabled one-stop-shop that removes complexity.


According to Globalization Partners, HR departments spend close to 60% of their time and resources on transactional and operational tasks and activities. Even with tools and software designed to save time and improve productivity, juggling multiple dispersed platforms is time-consuming without the right infrastructure to unify them. G-P’s open API makes it easier for organizations to hire and manage global talent by simplifying and automating tasks across multiple platforms including third-party human capital management (HCM) solutions. This makes it possible to maintain a single source of truth for all global talent, reducing errors and supporting data governance processes.

G-P Contractor

G-P Contractor enables companies to hire contractors in 187 countries, quickly and easily and pay them in 150 currencies. As a part of the Global Employment Platform, this offering provides support throughout the entire lifecycle of contractors hired for both short- and long-term projects.

“Companies need to act quickly in order to find, hire, and onboard the best talent wherever those individuals are based in the world,” said Nat Natarajan, chief product and strategy officer, Globalization Partners. “By continually investing in our Global Employment Platform and adding capabilities which automate global remote hiring processes, we are enabling companies to solve today’s talent challenges in the global remote employment landscape and achieve their business objectives.”

G-P’s Global Employment Platform enables companies of any size to expand internationally in days and provides talent with access to a world of opportunities. Families and even communities can stay intact. Smaller companies can better compete at scale with larger incumbents. And companies can gain access to the best talent no matter where they are in the world while also realizing the benefit of globally distributed teams.