PSBank Good to Know

Good-to-Know: How digital solutions can help MSMEs sustain remote business operations

Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank), the thrift banking arm of the Metrobank Group, believes that digital and online solutions can help micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) adapt and regain their competitiveness even during a crisis. The launch of its “Good to know!” campaign aims to provide financial education, relevant information, and helpful tips on how to manage, maximize, and protect your hard-earned savings and investments.

Remote operations for most industries have become the new norm. This compels businesses to manage their operations with help from new solutions that leverage technology.

“Nobody knows when this crisis will be over,” said Noel Tuazon, SVP, PSBank. “However, by providing access to the right tools and technology, we can help our entrepreneurs weather the storm and allow their businesses to survive and thrive amid the pandemic and its subsequent restrictions.”

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Through its “Good to Know!” campaign, PSBank shares how online business solutions can give MSMEs the technological advantage to stay afloat in times of crisis:

Crisis-proof cash management solutions

Streamlining financial transactions can be done through digital cash management solutions that allow MSMEs to perform real-time banking transactions. Entrepreneurs can conveniently monitor their cash flow, pay suppliers, and settle utility bills with just a few clicks. Managing one’s account is a lot easier too as users can inquire and track balances, view transaction history, print checks, and transfer funds all within this type of service.

Convenient online payroll service

MSMEs no longer have to worry about managing payroll. Through online payroll services, employers can easily process employees’ salaries with ease, security, and flexibility. In just a few taps, employee payroll can easily be credited on time, 24/7, and even in the safety of one’s home. Data management can be done hassle-free too, as users can quickly process essential employee records, payroll slips, and government contributions using the service.

Secured on-the-go banking services

Busy entrepreneurs no longer have to worry about visiting a branch for personal or business transactions. Through online and mobile banking apps and services, users can monitor their accounts, deposit checks, withdraw and transfer money, pay bills, and even invest any time, anywhere, by just using their mobile devices. With these online tools, various banking transactions can be done on-the-go, perfect for entrepreneurs in any industry.

To ensure the safety of your financial transactions, it is best to use online solutions from credible banks and firms such as PSBank. It offers a wide array of simple, reliable, fast, and all-around online banking services fit for any business need. It offers digital services such as the PSBank e-Credit for online payroll management, PSBank Business Online Buddy for real-time cash management solutions for entrepreneurs, and PSBank Online and PSBank Mobile App for on-the-go banking transactions.

“PSBank continues to expand its digital offerings to provide businesses, especially MSMEs, with all-around digital banking solutions that are simple, reliable, and could deliver real-time, particularly during this time. With these easy-to-navigate services, entrepreneurs are empowered to adapt and improve their processes for the new normal, so they can focus more on growing the business without compromising their safety,” said Tuazon.