Google acquires no-code app development platform AppSheet

Google announced recently the acquisition of AppSheet, a no-code application development platform specifically geared for the use of businesses.

Enterprises are constantly thinking of ways to serve customers better and faster than before. Having applications is one of the ways to ensure that customers have quick access to brands and services. This is the primary reason Google decided to acquire AppSheet.

The technology giant believes that businesses can take advantage of their services without the need for any technical skills. Companies can utilize its manpower or what Google calls “citizen developers” to easily create and extend applications even without professional coding skills.

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AppSheet aims to leverage the existing Google Sheets and Forms as well as other services Android OS, Google Analytics, and Maps. In addition, AppSheet customers can continue to integrate with a number of cloud-hosted data sources including Salesforce, Dropbox, AWS DynamoDB and MySQL

Quoting “The Forrester Wave: Low-Code Platforms For Business Developers” released on the second quarter of 2019, Google said AppSheet “had the highest score possible in the commercial model criterion and it shows in a stellar experience along with strong features for mobile app development, data design, application scaling, and documentation generation.”

Google, through its cloud platform, has been finding ways to assist businesses in their app development sans code development or coding experience from people.

“AppSheet’s ability to power a range of applications —f rom CRM to field inspections and personalized reporting — combined with Google Cloud’s deep expertise in key verticals, will further enable digital transformation across industries like financial services, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, communication, and media and entertainment,” Google said in the announcement.

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