Google simplifies access to credible COVID-19 information

With the COVID-19 pandemic, access to information has become more crucial than ever. As the coronavirus situation evolves, Google continues to strive to organize relevant and authoritative information and make it accessible to Filipinos. Among the company’s efforts to help people stay informed at this critical time include:

An enhanced Google News experience focused on COVID-19

Many people go on online to search for valuable information related to coronavirus including updates on confirmed cases and recoveries, economic coverage, healthcare tips, and travel advisories. Google News has simplified this experience by collating the latest COVID-19 news from authoritative sources and news publications in one specific tab. By clicking on this section, users are directed to a page showing all related local and international news about COVID-19. This new feature is available on Android, iOS, and web.

SOS Alerts on Search

Google launched SOS Alerts in the Philippines to give users immediate access to the latest developments about the virus when they type in on Search. With this feature, people will see the top stories carousel, links to helpful information, and safety and prevention tips from sources like the Department of Health (DOH).

Google, Dashboard PH partner to bring real-time info on COVID-19

DOH partners with Google, Senti AI to unify COVID-19 communications nationwide using AI

A dedicated COVID-19 website

Google has developed an all-in-one website where users can access health information and safety tips gathered from sources like the DOH, as well as additional helpful content such as those for distance learning and for small businesses. It features compiled videos from local content creators so people can find a new hobby or activity to adopt during the quarantine.

YouTube News Shelf

YouTube users will see a news shelf that houses breaking and top news on the homepage about COVID-19 so they can quickly see the latest trusted information and updates about the pandemic.

YouTube Information Panel

People searching for COVID-19 on YouTube will immediately see an information panel as part of the search results. This links to the websites of local sources such as the DOH. To constantly remind viewers of the need to consult credible sites, information panel is also shown when people are watching a video related to coronavirus.