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Health app mWell launches new features

mWell, the health technology platform developed by Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (MPIC) offers telemedicine, health and wellness programs, and e-commerce, in an integrated, tech-based healthcare digital ecosystem.

“mWell brings together experts in technology, medicine, wellness, and healthcare in one sustainable living ecosystem,” said Manny V. Pangilinan, president, chair, and CEO, MPIC. “This high-performing platform gives access to quality healthcare and empowers our countrymen to be in control of their health as they rebuild their lives coming out of the pandemic. We shall continue to set the standards in digital healthcare as we build a healthier nation and be recognized as the flag carrier for innovative digital healthcare in the Philippines.”

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mWell’s many firsts include:
* First health app available globally to migrant workers/OFWs
*First to offer the most affordable telemedicine with a free accident insurance package via the Healthsavers Plan
* First to launch the biggest nationwide digital medical mission with hundreds of volunteer doctors simultaneously providing free consultation all over the country through the National mWellness Day
* First to offer a wellness score developed by data scientists–the mWellness Score which measures physical activity, steps, and sleep
* First to provide a cutting-edge, full suite clinic management system designed by doctors for doctors: mWellMD
* First to provide a portable mobile digital clinic to remote communities in the country: mWell OnTheGo

Another first to be launched soon is the mWell Wellness Wearable designed to encourage Filipinos be more aware of their health status by making wellness wearables more affordable, especially in regional areas. Using the mWell Wellness Wearable, anyone can easily and more accurately track steps, physical activity, and sleep time through the mWellness Score on their watch. Soon they can even monitor temperature, oxygen level, heart rate, and other vital signs which will make teleconsultation easier on the app. Another telemedicine innovation in the pipeline is the mWell kiosk to be used by local government units for their medical missions.

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